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It would be great to have free diving and scuba diving sports into Strava, in a similar manner to what Garmin Connect allows. 


At the moment, I am using a Garmin Descent 1 and activated the synchronization between Garmin Connect and Strava, but every time I go Scuba Diving or Free-diving, Strava recognizes it as Swimming. Which is normal because it does not support underwater sports.


In summary, it would be great to have the following features in Strava:

1. Free-diving as a sport in Strava

2. Scuba Diving as a sport in Strava.

 3. Allow the interface to get the data for Free-diving or scuba-diving sessions from Garmin Connect, recognizing the session features (depth, time underwater, etc.)




Mt. Kenya

Hi moderator @Scout is this suggestion being considered? Will it be adopted please? It’s been a while since suggested and voted. Thanks 🤿

Mt. Kenya

I now have an Apple Ultra 2 and a Suunto D5 - both are sophisticated dive computers which CURRENTLY ONLY interface with specific apps. Both update Apple Health with ‘effort’ for analysis. 
It would be great if both Apple & Suunto diving features could interface FULLY with Strava so that ALL diving data that’s captured can be shown.
I’m sure this would encourage a lot of interest & additional paying subscribers to the Strava community - until then I’ll stick with the free version. 

Mt. Kenya

This should definitely be a feature, would be super easy to add too and tie into garmin/apple api's.

Mt. Kenya

These two sports would be super easy to integrate with Garmin/Apple/Sheerwater API's and would be a strava would be a great way to track/log these activities.

Mt. Kenya

Please do. To me it's one of the main features that affects my will to subscribe or not.

Mt. Kenya

Why it still not in Strawa?