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Status: Gathering Kudos

They idea is to have a Prince/Princess of a segment as a contender for the crown of KOM/QOM.

This status can be achieved during the calendar year, and will be reset each year.


The reasoning behind this is multiple

  • Fresh year, fresh achievements
  • KOM/QOM are unreachable for the 'normal human'.  KOM/QOM by pro cyclists for example
  • On mountain bike segments, times can change during the year due to trail conditions
  • maybe more use cases are possible

Practically the period of achieving this is each year beginning at 1 jan 00:00 local time of the start of the segment and ends at 31/dec 23:59.  So yes this means each year the first rider on that segment receives this achievement, but on popular segments this will quickly go to the fastest rider of that year.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

I think this idea has some merit. It is already kind of done with the yearly leaderboard, which is now also split into men and women. It could be interesting to see that presented more centrally. 

Mt. Kenya

I like this idea. Although, rather than have it reset on Jan 1st, have it as a rolling year target. There already is a yearly leaderboard for each segment. A chance to gain the prince/princess of the segment (POM ?) would be realistically attainable by a lot more people.

Pico de Orizaba

“This year" already exists, and when it was new Strava was presenting it quite strongly ("prince-like" if you like). They only toned it down a bit after realizing that the January deluge was a bit silly.

But long term, "forever" Kom are certainly a bit of a detraction. If I was Strava, I'd add something with rolling 4 years cutoff: that adds considerable height to the achievement compared to rolling 12 months, but would still in make it a "this generation" competition (of course the "forever" KOM would remain). Why four years and not three or five? Four years is the cycle of Olympic medals and football world cups, it just seems natural to stick to it. And if I was Strava I'd also not call it "prince", I'd call it Dauphin. A nod to cycling culture.

Another interesting option for "lesser KOM titles" would be seasonal filters, "best of summer", "best of spring" and so on. Perhaps not so exciting in southern California, but many places have stronger seasonal differences. Could also be combined with the four years rolling, so that the rolling cutoff is something truly different and not the same thing, just less "valuable" than the forever Kom.


Reading the comments, there are still some details to fill in and things I didn't think about.

But the main idea is what "usr" says:

"lesser KOM titles with some to be defined time frame"