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Status: Existing

On the Dashboard page, just below the profile box,  on the left.  There is the weekly stats.  
This is nice to see at a glance, it also tracks your yearly stats....but the only options to track are Bike, Run, and Swim.
Can we please get the option of choosing our preferred sports so that they show up in our YTD totals? Personally I do Cycling, hiking, snowboarding,  gym workouts. It would be great if I could easily see my totals for those activities.  Im sure others would like to see different activities summaries for the year, too. 

Mt. Kenya

Would be great, if I could choose which type of activities are shown in the statistics area of the app. Currently there are biking, running and swimming being displayed, but I - for example - never run nor swim. 

So it would be great, if the users could decide their personal „Top 3 activity types“, e. g. „biking, hiking, canoeing“

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Thanks for the suggestion, technically, you can see some stats for any sport type if you have created a personal goal for it, and we allow this for all Sport Types, even non-GPS ones. You can read more about setting goals here:
I understand that you'd like to be able to customize the Sports that appear under You >> Profile >> Statistics though and that the data that appears there is a little different.



I think that if Strava gives the possibility to track other types of activity more than running, cycling and swimming, I must be able, as a premium user, to see my totals even for the other kind of activities.

For example, I do a lot of hiking and I'd like to know the sum of my kilometers hiked and the total of difference in height.

Please take a look here:

Moderator Moderator

Hi marcotesselli,

Thank you for posting about this.  As you point out, hiking totals are not shown on your Strava profile page.

You can, however, create a hiking goal since you have a Strava Subscription. The Strava Subscription allows athletes to set a wide range of goals for all activity types, including hiking.  You can set weekly, monthly and annual goals, and use these to track your hiking progress in both distance and elevation.

For more information about how to create these goals, please see the following link: Create a Goal on Strava


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Hi Jane,

thanks for your reply.

Your suggestion is an interesting way to achieve this data, but why can't Strava implement a simple feature like this?

The developing job has already been done for the main 3 activities.

Mt. Kenya

would be great to have an "ALL" tab in the statistics view, to have the totals of all activities, including e.g., hiking, cross-country skiing etc.Tab_ALLE Strava.jpg

Mt. Kenya

Allow us to choose which sport types show up under profile -> statistics. (For example, it currently shows running, biking, and swimming. I’m not a swimmer, so I would love to replace swimming with Nordic skiing to more easily track my progress)

Mt. Kenya

I coach xc skiers, many of whom would love to only use strava for a training log. But, we can’t get a summary of total volume including xc skiing and rollerskiing, which makes strava useless for us. Can we have an option to show the summary of all sports in the My Stats summary, or elsewhere? Thanks!

Mt. Kenya

Under profile-> statistics there is some awesome information about running, biking, and swimming such as total distance and best times for certain distances. It would be great to have this expanded beyond just these 3 activities!


my 2 sports are bike and kayak paddling. I dont run, I dont swim. As a paying user, its disappointing to have bike-run-swim and unable to change it.

Mt. Kenya

Please add this feature, I don’t cycle or swim so these stats are of no use to me, would love to be able to see walk and hike or other activities I could add myself.

Mt. Kenya

I use Strava a lot for running as well as hiking. It would be really nice if hiking statistics were available in the ‘My Profile’ page. 

Stats could include:

  • Number of hikes (Current year and all time)
  • Time spent hiking (Current year and all time)
  • Distance hiking (Current year and all time)
  • Time spent hiking (Current year and all time)
  • Elevation hiked (Current year and all time)

I would love something like this. However, there are a few considerations:

  • Should Walks be included?
  • How about Snowshoe activities?
  • Should this just be under a Walking category?

All three are mostly just variations on “walking,” so I wouldn’t mind seeing them all lumped together. If nothing else, Snowshoeing is pretty much the winter equivalent of hiking, so those two should probably be combined.

At the same time, given the number of the requests for separate activities for different types of walking, I can imagine people wanting these stats to remain separate.

One way to resolve this would be to let users define our own stats categories, allowing us to pick which activities we want grouped together. Some people could do odd combinations like Walking + Biking distance, but if that’s what they want to do, then so be it. With all the activity types Strava lets us pick from nowadays, there simply isn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all solution anymore.

Either way, it’s past time we moved on from the Running/Cycling/Swimming model that Strava started out with.

Mt. Kenya

I came to Strava as a hiker and love the app but would really love this feature as a yearly tracking is important to me for hiking, walking, and yoga.  Not having this feature is definitely preventing me from upgrading my subscription. Thank you for considering this feature. 

Mt. Kenya

It would be nice if Hiking would be added to the Statistics page under your profile within the App. I know I can view it on the website but it would be convenient to have it all in the same place within the App. Or even better, give people the option to change what activates they would like to track within their profile.

Thank you