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Status: New Idea

I'm a trail runner from the southern hemisphere and mountains here are very technical. In fact, most trail runners coming from Europe have said that it's unbelievably hard. On top of that, the weather changes a lot and so does the terrain. The terrain on a segment that was created in 2014 is completely different than what it is now.

Here is the issue: times on segments may never be broken due to terrain change.

In my case, there is a very popular segment next to where I live and for a long time it wasn't so technical and anyone could be attempting that climb pretty easily until recently where there was a landslide and it completely changed the path. Instead of being a flat and steep climb it is now a rocky climb and an even riskier descent. In fact the recent times for that descent don't come close to the KOM. 

So I was wondering why can't Strava implement a segment update depending on the years? Or allow some sort of expiration date on segments? 
On the other hand, one could say that the updated version of the segment will not represent the best time someone has climbed it ever, which is a valid statement. Then why not create a history of the previous versions of that same segment with the top 10 leaderboard? Doing so, we can see the current version of the KOM but also the best time ever since the first version. 

I think Strava should consider this idea specially with the increase in climate change, paths are going to change in the near future. What do you think?

PS: Apologies if I didn't write well, english is not my main language.