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Mt. Kenya
Status: Gathering Kudos

It's super frustrating that the Map Types (personalized stat maps) only render in the feed on static images. A large part of the frustration comes from the fact the documentation/information does not make this crystal clear, so you have to waste a lot of time figuring this fact out for yourself. The rest of the frustration comes from.. Well, it seems silly to go through all this trouble and only have them rendered in static images?!

Garmin Connect does a pretty good rendering the gradients on the interactive maps(sans a scale issue with HR). Would be great to see these different stats rendered to the interactive maps in Strava as well and maybe try to do a better job than Garmin(so I can go tell them it's done better in Strava) 😉

Edit: I hate that I have to say this, but I'm mainly interested in using this on the web app.. Lots of weird discrepancies between the web and apps that seem to be surfacing internal organization issues.

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Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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