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Hi everyone, we’ve had a lot of recent road closures here in the SF Bay Area due to storms and fire. A road may re-open only to be closed again for construction. Figuring this out using available tools is a pain as there is no central location - depending on jurisdiction it may be state, county or city maintained with information getting sketchier in that order - right now the process involves checking mapping apps like Apple or Google and then correlating with information sources like CalTrans (for California highways at least). Seems one thing Strava could help in route planning would be to know when a road segment (or trail) was last used - either by adding filters to the heat map or showing statistics on recent usage. Just a thought …

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This sounds like a great idea. With winter approaching, some paths will become a disaster with a thick layer of slippery slush - and it would be great to be able to add a note to such segment, and/or check notes from others to be aware of the latest status… just to mention another use case. 

Mt. Kenya

Roads closed since years still appear in the general heatmap and are used to create courses. Can we have a filter like in the personal heatmap per year?