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I think it would be great for the 'Run' challenges to also allow for 'Walk' to count towards getting the challenge badge for people who are less able-bodied. At the moment only Run, Virtual Run and Wheelchair are available. While this is fantastic for wheelchair users, it excludes people who aren't able to run but do not have mobility issues requiring a wheelchair. For example, I have a heart condition which means that it is actually quite an achievement for me to walk 10km in one activity and it would be nice to get a badge without having to pretend to run the distance required.


I agree that Walking should be kept Separate from Running. I do both types of challenges and want to keep track of them separately.

Also where is the run 200K challenge? Where is the run 300K challenge? Where is the bike 1600K Challenge?

Some of these changes are just disappointing.


I’ve commented on other threads about this issue (and this is the first time that I’ve commented on these boards) - many of us are really disappointed, Scout.
RunPrime sets out the issue really clearly. 

This is becoming a really significant issue - I’ve accepted many changes that I feel have degraded my use of Strava over the past couple of years, esp with the increased price. However, this step is just silly - it has demotivated many athletes, without bringing any benefit. I really cannot understand who benefits from reducing the number of distance badges and including walks. Just baffling to reduce choice to your customers when it is free!


@Scout will you replay for us? It is been two weeks already when you or Strava ignoring us...

As you said you some how counting votes  and feedbacks. You already have more than twice opposite votes against new changes.

This is not rocket science to remove walking from running challenge.

Let us know even if Strava won't change that back.

Pico de Orizaba

@Rixter , well, anything on foot qualifies as Run, lets see the definition of Run: 'Move at a speed faster than a walk, never having both or all the feet on the ground at the same time.'

and next let's have  move Cycling goal with ElectricScooter challenge, that will get the cyclist users of the app well up for it!

Can we please have a Mutisport Goal / Walk Goal but not change the Run challenge they are not the same thing!



@PauliusG - I don't think they would change the challenge mid-month.  I am hopeful that they will revert back to what they had before in the coming months, but as much as I don't like how it is currently set up, it wouldn't be fair for them to change the conditions of the challenge mid-month.  They should play it out to the end of the month and then just make sure it is only counting runs next month and creating the appropriate walk challenge(s).

Mt. Kenya

Completely agree with Runprime and all the others who have voiced their opinion on walking going towards running - I do many activities and like to see them as separate / the first time I  saw that I had reached my monthly “running goal” I thought I had set my device for run instead of walk.

Tracking or so I thought is for the activity you are actually doing.

As of late I would have loved to see “snow shoveling “! 😂

unfortunately I wasn’t able to vote


@anchskier probably you are right. Would be nice to heard that from Strava. Now it feels like they ignore us. 


I've just completed my 100 km walking challenge today. How about a walking badge or two (50 km, 100 km)? I might actually run 100 km this month too. At that point, I will re-join the 100 km running challenge because then I will have actually RUN 100 km. Come on STRAVA, what are y'all thinking? (I noticed the February challenges are up now, and you don't appear to be reading our feedback here. I have been paying for this app for a long time (I'm sure you can easily verify how long), and I'm still here for now at least. How about listening to those of us who are still pushing ourselves to go farther and faster, and reward us with some virtual badges for our virtual trophy cabinets? How hard can it be? 

Disgruntled but still yours truly,


Mt. Kenya

If that does not change in February our company (200ppl) will have to change Strava for another app 😞 We need a clear split for running, Walking, and Cycle. Or give an option for Clubs to create their Challenges where we can define sports.


I’m so disappointed by the change. I’m no longer signing up to the run challenge until walking is removed. I enjoy both running and walking, record them as separate activities, so I want to see separate challenges for each. Everyone has the choice to record their walks as runs if they want to but I don’t have the choice to exclude my walks. It’s completely ruined it for me. 

Mt. Kenya

Is there really no way of tracking your monthly running distance anymore - now that you've broken the run challenges by including other activities? We have to use a separate account if we want to record a walk, to avoid breaking the totals? This is ridiculously stupid.

Mt. Kenya

Also jumping on this after the fact as I was suspicious of how quickly I completed the 100k run challenge.

Please reverse this change.

I want to see my walks and runs (or any other actvitiy for that matter) count separately. I do, after all, go to the trouble of recording them under different categories in the first place.

If this is the path of logic you wish to follow then hows about counting all my 2023 activities toward my 2024 total? That would make me feel like less of a failure for my shameful cycling total last year. Thanks in advance!

Pico de Orizaba

I’ve been a member since 2019 and a paid subscriber since 2020, my renewal is due on the 20th Feb and it won’t be renewed if this isn’t solved. 

remove walks from run challenge

seems that no one is paying attention to our messages and this is getting me very annoyed.



This change has messed up the app for all runners. Wallking is not runnning. Anybody who says their walks are runs can just record a frickin run on their device. Absolute shambles... Can't fathom how this was actually passed... Look at all of the disillusioned runners over here. For people that walk and run separately - it's a disaster:

Mt. Kenya

Please undo this. Run challenges are now useless.