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I think it would be great for the 'Run' challenges to also allow for 'Walk' to count towards getting the challenge badge for people who are less able-bodied. At the moment only Run, Virtual Run and Wheelchair are available. While this is fantastic for wheelchair users, it excludes people who aren't able to run but do not have mobility issues requiring a wheelchair. For example, I have a heart condition which means that it is actually quite an achievement for me to walk 10km in one activity and it would be nice to get a badge without having to pretend to run the distance required.

Mt. Kenya

There should be a multi qualifying activity challenge or a walking challenge, but there should be a running only challenge. I've been doing this challenge for over two years and my walking has now messed up my running stats. I'm quite disappointed 

Mt. Kenya

My subscription will certainly not be renewed if Starva continue with this ridiculous line in the running challenge. Enough people are really upset by this, Strava, if you are listening, you are your own worst enemy, if you don't start listening to your users they will walk away form paying for your service. It was only a couple of years ago that you were crying about "no one pays for premium", well. what have you done for premium users since to hold onto them ? or to encourage others to go premium, not much, from what I can see nearly all new features are available to any one. Now you're dumbing down the challenges..... we've had enough !!!!


My paid subscription is due for renewal in the next few months so I’ve been checking out the stats on my Garmin Connect app. It’s linked to my watch which I use for all my runs and they’re actually pretty good. You can overlay things like heart rate, pace and cadence. You can see lap times, and a heat map showing faster/ slower sections on your route. You can also join a wide range of challenges including a ‘run 50 miles’ monthly challenge and guess what, your walks don’t count and ruin your running stats! You can also connect with your friends on Garmin Connect. Strava: you haven’t listened to your runners, so bye bye. 

Mt. Kenya

This is a remarkably bad idea. I hope Strava will rethink it.

Basically, all running leaderboards are meaningless now because we have no idea is the totals that people post are, in fact, running totals.

Mt. Kenya

So, just had a look at the March challenges, walking is STILL in the running challenge, people, vote with your feet, Strava clearly doesn't care about it customers, so long as they are seen to be "inclusive" (although quite how that is inclusive for runners I don't know) what their existing customers think is irrelevant. !!  

Mt. Kenya

I can't fathom how the changes this year for challenges benefits the community of a multi-discipline app. Strava why did your developers and UX people decide that removing the 200km and 300km challenges from running would be an absolutely epic idea? We as runners don't care about hours spent, but rather distance done in a month. Also the idea that walking (which still has its own 30km challenge that everybody seems to have forgotten about) should be added to running. Running and walking are two entirely different types of activities, even Garmin agrees with this and has two separate activities which makes sense. As when I am walking I am sure as **bleep** not running.

It's almost as if you have gone and thought skiing and walking can go into the same challenge as well and be classed as the same thing essentially. But you are wrong, walking and running are even defined differently in the dictionary, so you cannot class them as the same type of activity.

You have taken something fun and great and made it completely illogical and stupid. Us runners want our 200km and 300km challenges back and remove walking from running, and give the walkers some more separate goals to strive for, eg a 100km walking challenge.

I also feel like our complaints are falling on deaf ears and they just don't care anymore about their community as they have become like the be all and end all app for activity tracking, etc. Which is completely wrong, hear your community and listen to them, otherwise an app greater and better than yours is going to surface and your business will start to fail because of some silly thing like a stupid change to challenges.


I've cancelled my renewal due to this and explicitly said so in the reason.

I think that the people that subscribe (or used too 🙂 ) are more likely to want separate Run and Walk Challenges, than those that use the free tier.

If they don't want that revenue stream, so be it, vote with your feet. 


Not only did they not remove walking from the running 100K challenge, but they got the bright idea of adding walking to the run 5K/10K/Half Marathon challenges now also.

Hey Strava can we also add sleeping to these challenges? If Im dreaming that I'm running then it should count as well.

What a joke!