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Status: Gathering Kudos

I think that an amazing addition to Strava would be the addition of interval runs.

My idea is that when you click to record a run, you have the ability to choose to record a normal run or an interval run. That way, before you start your run, you could add intervals and when running you can completely focus on that instead of constantly looking at the time. Similarly like the sounds you get when entering a segment, you would hear a 'noise' to indicate the start of your interval. In addition to that, maybe the Strava voice could tell you what interval you're starting (for example, what heart zone you need to be in, what pace you have to run, ...).

I think this would be a great addition, because now when I'm doing intervals I'm constantly looking at my watch (and often forget my intervals).

If you like this idea, make sure to like it 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Great idea. I’m trying to upvote/like it but that’s not working.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting. 

Mt. Kenya

I'm not convinced this is a good use of Strava resources - there are many other requests which better fit Strava's social layer.  For this function I use Garmin (or other) device which very well addresses the raw data capture and training activity management layer.


Mt. Kenya

Great idea, same problem/issue here. Would be a nice feature, also to be competitive with Garmin apps for example.

Mt. Kenya

Definitely want this feature. I hate having to use multiple apps to do this!

Mt. Kenya

This is the main reason I’m using other apps. I really need this and don’t want to watch my time/distance all the time and manually decide to go for it or rest.

Mt. Kenya

Same problem here. I had to use strava to record the run but also run another app to do the intervals. (intervals pro)

I think it's such a simple and useful feature, I'm surprised it's not in the app already.

Mt. Kenya

I also use another app for the intervals. Sometimes I don't even bother opening Strava.

Mt. Kenya

Yes! 🙌 

Mt. Kenya

I think this is a must! Apple and Garmin both offer this feature already.

Mt. Kenya

Yes I would love this feature! So many people I follow also do interval workouts so think this would fit nicely with Strava’s social aspect.

Mt. Kenya

How much like do we actually need to make this implemented ?


Need this!
My personal tweak to this requirement would be to also be able to start intervals by a button on screen, rather than a pre-programmed time/distance at the start of the run. Like a lap function on a stopwatch. 

Do other apps have that feature?

Mt. Kenya

I think this is a basic feature for running, unfortunately Strava not yet implemented it, so sad

Mt. Kenya

Strava lacking this feature is literally the only reason I still pay for MapMyRun instead of Strava. The moment Strava adds this, bye bye MapMyRun. I'll be a premium Strava subscriber.