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Mt. Kenya
Status: Existing

Use case: I am doing my run and I see a friend running in the opposite direction. After uploading my run, I can virtually say “hi” to him in the Strava app. 

In the app you see who ran in your area at the same moment. They are listed in the app and you can pick who you actually saw. 

It is similar to tagging people with whom you ran, but this is more for people who you saw during your run but did not join you. 
Obviously, in your privacy settings you can configure if you strangers can say “hi” to you, only friends or no one at all. 


@KorteAnton - The "flyby" feature allows that already.  Each person must have it enabled in their privacy settings for their activity to be visible to others when a person does the "flyby".  Strava really screwed up when they unilaterally turned off this feature for everyone without saying a word about it so most people thought it was removed altogether.  Only those who dug around in their settings found it was still there once they re-enabled it.  

Status changed to: Existing

As @anchskier stated, this functionality exists as what we call "Flybys". You can read more about it here.