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Pico de Orizaba
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If we have cycled a route, we have of course had many segments.. If I click on such a segment in my activity, my average/maximum speed/cadence, etc. will appear. There are also some other options such as "analyze" and "goal setting" possible.

But if I want to share a specific segment, some can not be found in the segment map.
For example, I cycled a route with the segment "Bättenalp Climb" near Iseltwald, Switzerland. It is a segment/climb of approximately 10km long with an average percentage of 11.2%.
Among the segments I rode during that activity was also the segment "Werzisboden uphill". A segment of approximately 7.6 km long and an average of 10.1% that partly corresponds to "Bättenalp Climb".

If I search/look at the map for these segments, after filtering segments with a length of >7km, all types of road surfaces and elevation climbing, I only see the "Bättenalp Climb" segment. Nothing else. The "Werzisboden uphill" cannot be found on the segment map at all. Even if the segments are not filtered, this segment is not visible.
Sharing this segment is therefore not possible.

What would be a nice option/idea is that, after selecting a segment in your activity, you can also select a "share segment" function. This so that you do not have to search for the segment on the map first.



If you completed the segment and can see it in your activity, you can click on it and share it from there.  You don't need to find it on the segment map in order to share it.  

Status changed to: Existing
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Hello @Sander 

As @anchskier mentioned, it's currently possible to select and share a segment from your activity.  Select the "view full leaderboard" button from underneath the leaderboard.  That will take you to the segment page.  From there, copy and paste the segment URL to share it.

Thanks for your post!  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team