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Status: Gathering Kudos

I tend to have a pretty large rotation of shoes at any given time, and while the mileage tracking on my running shoes is great and very helpful, I would like to see some additional details be provided if possible. These details would give every runner additional in-depth data about their actual overall performance in the gear they are using. 

The core stats I'd be looking for are:

The # of runs in that particular shoe

The average distance run

The average pace for that shoe

Some secondary enhancements I would suggest are a hyperlink that would take you to a list of all runs tracked in that shoe, and something that calls out your best performance/effort in that shoe- ie Best Strava Segment: XYZ Time: X:XX

Mt. Kenya

It would be nice to upgrade the use of the equipment (like shoes or bikes) on the specific surface it's applied. 

Since you already integrate all kinds of surfaces in the maps (asphalt, trail, ...) you can apply it to the gears in order to see how they wear out.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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