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I think it'd be a great idea to be able to search or filter under "my activities".  As an example, I'd like to be able to find a 5 mile run I've done so I don't have to re-create a route.

Fingers crossed!

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Activity search could be a useful existing feature to help you find those activities. If you search for a keyword you had included in the title or description, it will display the corresponding activities.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Please add date filters as well so we can do a range of dates. For example, I would like to see all hikes for 2022 or for August 2022. Really you should be able to filter on any of the fields, this is common with any app that displays tabular data. I've asked about this for several years and won't be subscribing again until something like this is available.

Pico de Orizaba

This is already implemented. You have option to search and filter by Distance, Elevation, Dates, Time and Type of activity.

Mt. Kenya

Good afternoon Termininja,

I'm sorry but i can't find the filter (sorting) by distance, elevation, ...  From largest to smallest, or vice versa.

Everything is sorted by creation date only.

Can you help me ?

Best regards

Mt. Kenya

Could we please have a date/date-range search in My Activities?
I often want to know what I did on a certain date, and currently I have to click through page after page back through my activities, which takes ages.

Pico de Orizaba

I would love more filters in general. Date range, but also things like the ability to exclude Treadmill for runs: right now, unchecking the checkbox means including treadmill runs, and checking it means “only treadmill runs.”

It would also be nice to have filters for some of the new activity subtypes such as Trail Run, etc.

And, as has been requested elsewhere, the ability to include more results per page, along with being able to jump to a specific page rather than having to repeatedly click through Next.

My Activities is definitely a feature that could use some love.

Status changed to: New Idea
Moderator Moderator

Hi @DoctorDee69 

Thanks for posting about this!   Have you tried using the Strava's Training Calendar?  Sign into your account on the web at and visit:

With a few clicks you can navigate to any date and see what your Strava activities were for that day.

Give that a try and let us know what you think.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


I like this idea and I was looking for a specific ride yesterday wishing this function existed. I find the training calendar to be a less than ideal solution. It takes too long to scroll through the calendar and it would be much faster to search by a specific date or narrow range of dates. 

Pico de Orizaba

@Jane The Training Calendar allows us to look at everything we did on specific dates, providing a bird’s-eye view of our training. My Activities allows us to find specific activities, using filters to narrow the search down. They serve very different purposes, and the Training Calendar in its current form doesn’t help with this. I personally don’t find it useful.

My Activities, on the other hand, is a feature that could really use some love. For instance, I can’t exclude Treadmill activities from my runs (the checkbox means “only Treadmill” rather than “include Treadmill”). There are no options for only searching subcategories like Trail Run. We are limited to 20 results per page, can’t jump to a specific page, and are forced to repeatedly click through Next Page.

Mt. Kenya

@Jane The Calendar is similarly sub-optimal because only the month but not the dates are labelled, so it is actually pretty difficult to find a specific date quickly.
And because the activities are not labelled, this doesn't really provide a satisfactory solution to my problem.
Although I said I was looking for what I did on a specific date, my actual user case is that I know I did "this" around "then" and I need to fish a little bit.
Neither the My Activities list or the Calendar are not useful in their current forms for this.

If the Calendar had onMouseOver pop ups showing the date and activity name(s), it would provide a solution. But it does not.