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It's simple. To increase overall competitiveness give badges to users who don't pause their activities. Okay we get it, you go hiking and you sit down, you rest, you eat, you move again. But activities with pauses where elapsed time is 2x or more times the moving time should not include in PR or CR or any other segment story cause they're not realistic. Imagine going for a bike ride and you get to start of an amazing climb and you decide this is the place where you're gonna PAUSE, stop, rest, replenish and than attack the climb...and it still goes into the same basket as someone who's done the entire activity with no pause. While it supports the idea of segments and attacking them while you're fresh it downplays the fact that someone did it during and activity with no pause and the activity that was maybe just that segment? It doesn't seem right. Reward the ones who are in constant pain during the activity 🙂


If someone is fresh before starting a segment or not is only partly dependent on the pause directly before. That's usually more a thing of how long and intensive you rode or ran before the segment has started, therefore punishing pauses only wouldn't be enough. By the way, segments are not races where everyone has to got the same conditions, everybody can decide for themselves when and how they want to tackle segments. By Strava rules there is no fair or unfair involved with resting shortly before the segment starts.

This thing with the badge I don't fully understand too. I would get a badge if my activity is 2 hours straight, but if it is 2 hours straight + 4 hours pause + additional 2 hours I don't get the badge? Seems strange. And I don't know if encouraging people to dismiss red lights is the best of ideas.


The user's suggestion is way to complicated. I don't mean to be negative.. look at this year's Olympics. The competitors at trackside and poolside will just be doing some modest stretching and limbering up routines before the start. That's how an event is normally done... you don't arrive knackered, you arrive in a fresh condition. I achieved a number of KOM's this way.

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You wouldn't be equalizing the playing field by only including those who did a segment without pausing somewhere else in their ride.  Having two riders complete the same segment during activities that had no pauses does not mean they were in comparable condition while completing the segment.  Rider A may have gotten to that segment 5 miles into their activity and then continued on for another 20 miles after.  Rider B may not have gotten to that segment until 73 miles into their activity and were headed home shortly after.  Neither paused their activities, but their level of fatigue would be way different during the same segment.  No real difference than if one person took a short rest before tackling a segment and another hit it "on the fly".

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Your idea has been shared with the product team. Right now, we aren't exploring the possibility of implementing this feature, and your suggestion will be archived. Please understand that we  receive a very high volume of feature requests, and cannot realistically implement all of them in the foreseeable future. 

Also wanted to emphasize that segment efforts and other achievements like PRs are based on total elapsed time, not moving time calculations.  

Thank you for taking the time to submit your idea and we look forward to your continued engagement in the Community Hub.

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