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Status: Archived

Hi Strava Community,

I for one play heaps of Australian Football, but there is no activity on Strava for the great Aussie Activity, why not? Heaps of people play this sport.

Thank you for listening and considering.

By JakeSzkwarek


Despite being a proponent (initially) of football/soccer being added, I now realize the folly in that. (It should be a category of 'field sports', with tagging for football/rugby/Australian Rules/Field Hockey/Lacrosse/etc.). 

Please look at this idea, as it could accomplish this without adding more activities (and leave thoughts and comments on the idea).  My concern with the number of "add 'x' activity" is that it will start to make it hard to find the activity you want to select... we need a better way of accommodating all kinds of activities.  


Hey, thanks for your suggestion to add Australian Football. I'm curious why this specific activity necessitates its own Sport Type category? Are there certain statistics that the other current Sport Types don't cover, such as "Football (soccer)"? If so, what would this data be and how is it currently recorded? We generally recommend using "Workout" as a catch-all for other sports we don't currently support. There is a lot of criteria that's taken into consideration when we decide to direct resources into developing a new initiative and in order for it to be compelling enough, an idea has to touch upon lots of these different points. You can read more about it in our Idea Guidelines. Thank you!


Hi @JohnJim, we haven’t heard back from you and will be archiving this idea unless you update us within a week. Thanks!

Status changed to: Archived