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Mt. Kenya
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I am an avid runner who is also a pilot and Garmin watches that target different verticals like aviation, boating, etc also have all the running, cycling features as well. Whenever I go on a flight it automatically uploads to Strava just like any activity. It's actually pretty cool to see my flight track on there, and the community thinks pretty cool too, but it messes up all statistics and my year-end report because it thinks these are fitness activities. Simply, the type of Sport for your Activity should have an option for Other, or ideally other categories like flying, boating, etc... and these would not be included in data that is only related to fitness. That would have to be done manually after uploading the activity. A nice to have is ideally, just like it knows that a run is a run and cycling is cycling when uploaded it would know flying is flying.

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Hello @jeffbonasso 

Thank you for your recommendation. Your idea has been submitted to the team. In the meantime, I invite you to explore the available sports types on our platform (more than 40 and counting!). Thank you for being part of our community and we look forward to seeing you on Strava!

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Hello team STRAVA and strava community members.

I have been a long term user and lover of Strava and recently, i have begun a new activity, E-FLIGHT.

I am an electric aviator flying 2 seat electric passenger aircraft training, sport and recreational missions. While it's not particularly and athletic endeavor, it is an activity that is great to track and all the aviation-specific tracking apps are not well geared to 'recreational' or sport aviation and have no community engagement like STRAVA does.

Additionally, with electric flight, we like to track more stats and gamify the process to work on energy management and efficiency.. treating the aircraft like an athlete and seeing what range and endurance we can get out of our aircraft in different conditions... just like we like to do with our bodies when on the ground.

It would be amazing to have E-FLIGHT as an activity category so we can build our community of E-Aviators with a single category and develop our clubs and other Strava features within the app.

Please visit my profile to see how we've been tracking electric flight so far at 


Strava is generally intended for tracking of human physical activity.  E-flight sounds like just another version of flying a plane, which isn't and shouldn't be tracked any more than driving a car and/or driving an electric vehicle.  I would think there would be more relevance with an aviation club that a platform like Strava.  There are plenty of groups of vehicle drivers who make it a hobby or "sport" to try to maximize their driving distance or durations on a tank of fuel or a charge, but that doesn't mean it would necessarily fall into the interest of a human activity tracking app such as strava.  Just my opinion though.  Others may feel differently.