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I use to Strava and  I'm stayng very irritade when I search to achive a record, but someone use an e-bike, motorcyce or a vehicle and get the better results in the segment.

I think that could create a ranking only register bikes, for example and the bike will need to be register with follow caracteristics:

1: The name of Bike, year and caracteristics;

2: The photo of Bike;

3: One checbox seeing the type of bike(e-bike, motorcycle or vehycle),

4: Dont put the nome of KOM in the first page when the same have a bike with motor bike or to create two ranings for it, 

 I will be very grateful with it.

It is important to me because exist justice and It could prevent thief, fraud and avoid "ACCIDENTS"

Fabrício Ayres

Develiper/System and Infrastructure Engenieer.




Wouldn't work:

-Who will check these millions of bike photos?

-Nothing prevents users from uploading pictures of other bikes or riding by other means as their registered bike.

-What happens with all the old activities without these data?

And for last ebike activities and segments exists since a decade.


Status changed to: Archived
Moderator Moderator

Hi @DeveloperAyres 

Thanks so much for posting.  If I'm understanding you correctly, you're noticing segments where the KOM/QOM ranking has been taken by someone on an E--bike or motorcycle? We already have some mechanisms in place to prevent and correct these kinds of situations.

We do have an E-Bike activity type to help identify E-Bike rides and separate them from standard bike activities. Each Strava athlete is responsible for the content they upload and we expect all athletes to contribute positively to the Strava community by following our uploading guidelines:

The Ride activity type is for conventional human-powered bicycles riding outdoors. E-Bike activities cannot be compared with other human-powered bicycle activities on segment leaderboards. E-bike activities must use the "E-Bike Ride" activity type.

If you find data from an e-bike or motorcycle on any segment leaderboards for traditional Rides, please use the flag tool to report the activity from our website. Select "Wrong Activity Type" from the flag options. 

If an Athlete isn't correcting their behavior after the community flags their activities, you can report this person to Strava Support for further investigation.  

Thanks again for your post, we appreciate your contribution.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Now, I know the others communications channels.

It is correct, thanks!