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Mt. Kenya
Status: Existing

Currently I only know if I set a new section personal best achievement or beat one of my friends on a section time AFTER the ride is over.  I would suggest adding a third screen that you can toggle to for competitive.  This screen would show you the current section you are in and how you are tracking towards beating the current best time, and if you have a route selected then tracking that separate to the section for your overall time.  Making this available on the map would be fantastic, with the option to overlay a ghost version of yourself on your previous best run for the segment, or even allowing you to view a ghost version of your friends so you can see what sections they are getting more speed on.  I believe you already have all of the data to do most of this, if not all of it with some minimal development cost.


@dalamar112 - Strava already has the "Live Segment" feature.  Here is a link to the information on that: Live Segments – Strava Support.  This allows you to see where you are live, while within the segment.  It isn't perfect, but it seems like it would satisfy a good chunk of what you are asking for.

Status changed to: Existing
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Hi there, thanks for submitting this suggestion. As @anchskier mentioned, a similar functionality already exists within Strava. To find it, go to Live Segments – Strava Support. Thank you for your contribution and effort to help our online forums to continue to grow.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Thank you both, yes this was a feature that I was unable to fine previously and will make the experience so much more fun!  Thank you for taking the time to reply and supply reference links.