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Status: Gathering Kudos

i would see in every activity down and uphill meters seperatly.
MTB biking, i see only the max uphill meters, why i can´t see the downhill meters also?
same as in biking
MTB downhill with chairlift ore uphill with shuttle:
if i go ride downhill with my bike i use the chairlift ore car for shuttle.
i don´t ride uphill but i ride downhill and i see no uphill meters (thats correct) but i see also no downhill meters
In Garmin and Runtastic it works. There i can see in the Plattform both separately.
For me its relevant to see also the downhill meters

Mt. Kenya

currently in the yearly summary of the ascending meters, there is only the sum over all bikes existing. you see the km per selected bike, not the ascending meters. Would be nice to get this feature as well, maybe also the consumed net time for each bike.


Further in the activity report, would be nice to have a subtotal.

As example, if i select a year, to see all actitivites for one bike or one discpline, as example mountainbike the ascending meters so on.

would be nice getting this features in strava.




for ride downhill with shuttle the best is the same activity like skiing with the name MTB downhill 🙂

Mt. Kenya
  • They removed downhill because people were complaining too many people were getting injured or dying trying to beat records going after a KoM or QoM.

Yes i understand, but segments are the same problem (if a problem) i don´t wont to see the time, for me is important to see only the downhill meters not the time


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Same wish for all downhill sports, e.g. skiing, snowboard, ...

In those cases it's more interesting to see downhill distance.

Mt. Kenya

I imagine that there are many of use that cycle, run, hike also ski in the winter. I have started to upload my ski days into Strava the past couple of years. The issue is that the downhill vertical skied is not being kept in your totals, but mileage is? I don't think any Alpine skiers brag about their miles skied, it's always downhill vertical. I see that Backcountry skiing has the vertical climbed, which is great, it's the meat of the day, the hard part, but when skiing inbounds that best gauge of your day is downhill vertical skied. Not miles skied.... Please help with this minor update.... Thanks..


Lately it has occurred to me that Strava no longer implements real innovations. Strava probably has enough paying users like me. I share everything on Garmin, there are exactly the things we would like to have, but you can't chat -> but seriously, who needs that in a sports app