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Status: Delivered

One main idea (two parts) with a few ideas on how to implement.

Problem: outside of dirt map do not know what current trail conditions will be when picking a new route using map function. This is problematic during all seasons as yesterday (1/19/23) found a route using the map function on mobile for trail running. I went and did the route only to find that I was the first one to make tracks on the trail in likely a week - this lead to a significant amount of post holing and an audible once I got to the top. The day before I did the same thing and the route was fully tacked out so could run much easier. 

Idea: make the map function on mobile available on desktop. Then when searching for routes if someones account is public and has done said route or a very similar route within a specific time frame (could be filter option) have their activity attached to the route. Even if the person doesn't post pictures or trail details in their caption will be helpful to know someone has done it. If they have posted images or trail details in the caption will be night and day as the user will know have an understanding of trail conditions to be better prepared.

Potential ways to implement: (not going to pretend I know how to code this or the operational challenges that will come with implementation)

  • Utilize public accounts that have done the same or similar routes.
  • Attach a heat map of the route with timeframe filter to see how trafficked route is.
  • To help bolster reviews and data partner with Alltrails as many of the routes (hiking, biking, running, and trail running) are similar / the same.

I am sure there are things I am missing, but feel like this could be an extremely beneficial feature for the community. 

Excited to hear what people think.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to implement user-aggregated trail conditions for routes/maps. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.


Hey @bcrawford I wanted to point out that we launched a new update that shows community-derived Photos on Routes today and this addresses some of the suggestions you had laid out in this idea. 

For more information on this launch, check out this support article, and feel free to let us know your thoughts!



Thanks @Soren  - will definitely check it out!

Mt. Kenya

How about allowing user input on if a road is gravel, full of pot holes or smooth as glass(paved)

Status changed to: Delivered

Hey @bcrawford, we are happy to announce that this feature has been implemented. Find more information here. Basically, when viewing a suggested Route you can tap See Details, and scroll down to view a list of the 10 most recent activities that have followed the route.

Right now, Recent Activities can only be found on select Strava-generated Routes. We hope you find this implementation useful. Happy exploring!