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Status: New Idea

My Previous Support Request #2536696.

My Question is Why Strava can add this feature in its feature update. Strava can consider our request as Feature addition request.

Some people followed us (Say X) and we followback on them (X).

Now, Activities were shared between us. After a Weak or Two, the X user unfollowed me. I am totally unaware of the same

X activity were appears on my feed and I am giving Kudos to X, but my activity wont appear on X's feed (my assumption).

Later I came to know the X is not in my followers list.

Strave Notifies me if X or Y or Z follows me. But why Strava doesn't notify me that, the same X or Y or Z unfollowed me.

If Strava add this feature, it will be a great helpful for us.

Thankyou Strava Team.

To overcome this, Why strava should notify the user, that X is unfollowing you.

Please consider this request in added feature and give us an update.


Ganeshkumar G

Pico de Orizaba

Just my 2c  - as a user, I certainly do not want to trigger a notification when unfollowing someone. Actually, no matter whether at Strava or any social network - if you don’t want to hear about someone anymore, it’s just natural that you prefer doing that silently. Notifying the unfollowed person would feel awkward, I’d consider that a privacy issue tbh. 


I concur with Jana_S, I think for privacy reasons, there shouldn't be notifications when you decide to unfollow somebody (nor, if they decide to unfollow you).

Mount Logan

It's not a privacy thing as the other side can see anyway if you do follow or not. Like Jana says it's looks a bit unpolite to shout out some unfollow message. On the other hand I can understand if someone wants to know they are unfollowed without comparing remembered against current follower lists. Tricky decision.