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Mt. Kenya
Status: Archived

Hi Strava Support,
I'm writing because as a graphic designer I approach everything visually!

I have a big problem that when I want to browse my own or even someone else's saved routes, I get an amazingly long list of text with dates and saved addresses... There's not even a little map preview. But I can't do anything with that!

I can't remember the names, the dates, I only know approximately where and what route I took. It would be really cool if there was a feature that could search the map for the following:

1 - select roughly the area on the map where I or another user has been before

2 - a timeline would be displayed next to the interface, where you could either specify a fixed date or an interval

3 - or a date history where I can move the date on a timeline on a scale and the paths will appear (similar to OSX Time Machine)

With a visual search like this, it would take moments to find an older trip, either my own or recorded by someone else, which could then be saved and re-scrolled.

I would be happy to see such a highly efficient visual search engine soon, because most people are visual like me!



You seem to be talking about 2 very different things here. Are you trying to search through your previous activities under My Activities, or are you looking for routes that you have created in the Route Planner? 


Hey @bwtms could you perhaps share a screenshot of the page you're referring to? Saved Routes should come with a visual thumbnail and additional stats. I'm not sure where you're seeing a long list of text with date and addresses.

Mt. Kenya

While traveling to locations i've been before i've wanted to find my previously ridden routes for reference. But dont remember the date/name of activity 


Hey @bwtms - we haven’t heard back from you and will be archiving this idea unless you update us within a week. Thanks!

Pico de Orizaba

@bwtms I think I understand what you want, but I think the easiest way for you could be to visit VeloViewer where this feature is available, at least for your own activities. You can go to the «Activities» tab, hit the «Map» button and select the area you want. You can hit the «Filters» button and select for example a time period and an activity type to search for, then only the activities matching that filter will be visible on the map. Click on the map to get details about each activity and you can also scroll through them in the list.

See screenshot below.


Status changed to: Archived
Pico de Orizaba

Adding to my comment above: You may also want to have a look at the Routes tab (still in VeloViewer) to see all your routes on a map and easily filter them (e.g., based on distance, elevation gain, creation date, etc.).

In the map options, you may hit the "Filter to map" option which will list only those routes that are within the map view at any time. As shown in the screenshot below.

The list will also tell you which of these routes are Private or Starred.

Sadly you still need to visit them in Strava to Unstar and Star them (e.g., to re-sync to Garmin).

Skjermbilde 2024-04-18 kl. 10.53.37.png