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Strava Apple Watch App

Set up Strava on your Apple Watch:Download the Strava app on your iPhone if you haven't already.Open the "My Watch” section of the Apple Watch app on your phone.Find the Strava app to install on your watch. If it's already installed on your Watch, th...

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How to get Your Activities to Strava

You can upload your activities to Strava using any of the following methods: Instantly upload from the Strava iPhone or Android appUpload from a GPS deviceSync data from other fitness sites to StravaUpload a file from your computerAdd an activity ma...

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Bad GPS Data

Have trouble with inaccurate GPS data while recording your activities?  See the information below to learn more about what bad GPS data is, why it happens, and how to prevent it. What is bad GPS data?Why does bad GPS data happen?Examples of bad GPS d...

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