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3.14 miles or 3.14 pies. What does ๐œ‹ mean to you on Pi Day?

Strava Alumni

Although not everyone in the world writes dates in the MM-DD-YYYY format, March 14 or 3/14 gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate Pi Day and most importantly Pie. We love Pi Day at Strava, celebrating every year with our own home made pies shared with our team. 


When participating in any type of activity I am often extra motivated by knowing what snacks I have packed in my bag or what places I can stop off along the way to buy and enjoy good food. Refueling with delicious foods can be the difference between a memorable activity vs a miserable one for me if I reach that hangry moment. 

There can be no better thing on a walk or a bike ride than stopping off along the route to enjoy some form of pie. Or coming home after a long day to a home-made creation. Savory or sweet, hot or cold, itโ€™s guaranteed to put a smile on my face and give me all the energy I need to complete my activity. My personal favorites are Steak & Ale, any type of curried filling or Apple pies. 

Join us in celebrating Pi Day by sharing your favorite Pi or Pie moments from your activities by replying in the thread below: 

  1. Tell us about a 3.14 mile/km activity you completed for Pi Day
  2. What is your most memorable Pie consumed during/after an activity?
    [Extra kudos for a photo of the pie]
  3. Have you ever planned an activity around the option to eat pie on your route?

Bonus question .14159

  • Have you ever carried a pie for 3.14 miles/km? How did it go?

Happy Pi Day!



STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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