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Running for making friends

Mt. Kenya

How a lethargic morning ended up meeting my college alumini.

Plan was to just go to the park and do a 60 min time spent with a slow jogg.

Indeed , started with very jogging pace, however after 2 nd km it came back to my normal pace( as per strava )even though effort wise both mentally and physically was not even average effort.

7 th km tried to put the effort with strides and looked like it I was struggling beyond 4.20 pace.

But happy to complete the 60 min.

Post run, the interesting part was, I saw a person like  my MBA alumni and I started scrolling LinkedIn to find him.
Finally , I broke my hesitation to hay hi to him and test was a free flow conversation.

Some learning: ” most of the daily problem can be avoided just like that of we know HOW TO SPEAK,HOW TO ASK QUESTIONS,MBA helps.”

A 60 min after probably an year.