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The latest app update [353.0.0] has made the Maps significantly worse


I’ve always appreciated the clarity and simplicity of Strava’s map tool, which has been indispensable for both planning my runs and navigating on the trail. However, the recent update has introduced new features that, while intended to enhance our experience, unfortunately clutter the map and compromise its ease of use. The additional information now overlays the map, making it difficult to focus on the essentials, particularly when I'm out on the trails.

While I recognize the good intentions behind these updates, the true value of the map tool for me has always been its straightforward, clean presentation, showcasing both global and personal heatmap data without unnecessary distractions. Previously, I could circumvent the issue of multiple route suggestions by switching to the 'Saved' tab, a workaround that's no longer available. Now, the route suggestion feature is omnipresent, detracting from my user experience. I'm not looking for an array of suggested routes each time I check the map; I need the ability to opt out of this feature.

The essence of my request is simple: the option to disable automatic route suggestions. Providing users with the flexibility to tailor their map view would significantly enhance the functionality of the app, ensuring that it remains a vital tool for navigation and planning without the added clutter.



Mt. Kenya

Not sure where to post this. I agree that the new update has made maps significantly worse. My issue is around suggested routes. Before the update, a hilly filter would give me a hilly route, and I was always impressed that I could get 80 or 100 mile routes.

Now, when I select hilly, I get flat routes and it says it can’t find any 80 or 100 mile routes. 

Mt. Kenya

I agree! I just like using the heat map feature to see where others have run when in an unfamiliar area or to see areas I might not have run recently. I was always able to remove routes by looking at my nonexistent saved routes, but that doesn’t work anymore. It brings up a blank list now instead of a map with that blank layer. 
I now have to pretend to draw a new route in order to just see heat maps. 😞


Agreed! Route suggestions don't need to take over prime placement in maps. Can't figure out how to search saved routes, it was easier to navigate before it was one giant list..


To view Saved Routes click the button on the right side of the bar that says 'Map area' in the photo above. 

I think you misunderstood, I can see them but I have a lot of them so would like a search or filter facility. 



@EAC_iv I might have found a workaround for you - move the map somewhere far far away, tap the "Search here" button, and it will highlight routes in the far far away location and clear your surroundings. (Edit to add: if the far far away location is properly stranded and therefore without any routes, you'll get rid of the clutter on the bottom of the screen too!)

Now, would you in return try and figure out a workaround for me, to see the segments map? 😀


I suppose that the segments removal from the Maps tab is part of the overhaul... but WHY? 😣 How do we find a map with segments in the app now? Tbh I don't care about routes, I don't really use them, but I do use segments quite a lot when deciding where to run. Now they are nowhere to be found 😐

Hi, to only view segments in an area, you click on the highlighted button near the top of the map saying “routes” and it will give you two options. Either “routes” or “segments.” From there, click on whichever one you want 👍 

Poor update! Any idea how to find my saved segments etc?

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