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Need a help

Mt. Kenya

I want to use strava api in my website using django rest .  But as a beginner I don't have any idea how to do it. Can anyone please give me idea how can I implement. Also please give all technical requirement for using strava api


Mt. Kenya

I want to use api of strava on my website? Can I use it. I yes then can you please give me all technical details 


I can't give you any specific answers on Django but a quick search turned up what looks to be a decent beginners guide -

Once you've got a basic setup and are able to authorize and access the Strava API, the rest is figuring out which data you need, which API call(s) provide that data, and writing all of the logic to make the calls and display/manipulate the data the way you want.

As for technical requirements -- as a REST API it works with almost every programming language so you're free to use whatever you want or even a mix of languages. For hardware it is more dependent on how many users you have and how much processing you're doing on the data. The only requirement the Strava API has is that you must respond to a webhook within 2 seconds which could easily be done on 20 year old hardware.