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Status: Gathering Kudos

I tried searching to see if anyone has suggested this. I have been a subscriber for nearly 10 years and each year, the one function I would love more than any other, is to be able to track my progress compared to other years.

I would like to see a graph of how I am tracking and how that compares with last year

I like how I can see this month compared to last month, but I target a yearly goal and would dearly love to be able to compare where I am this year with how I have done over previous years.

I don't believe I would be alone in wanting this?

Mt. Kenya

I've been looking for this feature since using Strava. Definitely should exist. Have there been any updates to this?


It's coming up on 2 years since I wrote this request. There has been nothing from Strava which is very disappointing. There have been improvements in the monthly stats and comparisons, but that is very myopic and not that useful to me as comparing year on year.

Come on Strava, give some love to those of us that have been subscribing for over a decade!

Mt. Kenya

Be great to see a comparison to the same month in previous year(s).  So as part of the monthly stats, January this year against January last year is a better comparison than January vs December.  Also being able to track this in your activities how you are doing against the same time last year, as well as last month.  Useful as the weather is often what impacts activities.

Mt. Kenya

This feature is what is missing! Would love to see how far I had run/biked/swam etc so far in the year to this day last year (or previous years), elevation etc, to compare how far ahead/improved I am this year.

How many runs, distance, elevation had I completed by 6/6/23, so I can compare to this year. Would be so good.