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Status: In Development

Offer a level of subscription that can work for two or more people who are part of the same family. People are unlikely to buy two subscriptions, but might purchase a slightly higher priced one if 2 or more people could use it. 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Hi @AlTilley 

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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I am not a competitive person, but would love a way to quickly subscribe for the month or day from the app, that I want to use all the services.

This will give me the flexibility to use the app for a day or only that month. Since I have to jump through a few little hoops to subscribe and unsubscribe, I avoid subscribing at all.

The other features I'd like to see is a group subscription like the family, but rather I can add it remove friends from my subscription group. When added, they will have a subscription as long as it is paid. When removed that is ended. This may encourage more adoption of subscriptions if there was a discount for groups of larger sizes. This could also be used with business who want to promote exercise about staff.

Mt. Kenya

I am actually on the fence right now. We just both got a new wahoo elemnt roam and are wondering if we should get Strava linked. We have good intentions but for 2 people &120 each year even with the $25% off is a lot and next year it will be $160…..

Mt. Kenya

Agreed. We have 3 runners in our house and would consider upgrading if we could get a family rate. As it stands now, it's just way too much

Mt. Kenya

Same as others have said.  Individual plans are not going to happen for us, but a family plan we would consider.

Mt. Kenya

Hi, would like to add my support for a family plan. I feel like you would get more subscriptions if you had one instead of family members just sharing one. Happy to financially support Strava, but would like it to be less expensive for 2 members of the same household. 


Mount Logan

This will be great also for Running Clubs, Cycling Clubs, and Triathlon Clubs.

If the club leaders can purchase a discounted membership plan for their group, then this will motivate more running clubs to stay on Strava.

Shant Hagopian
Attorney & Athlete
Next race: LA Marathon (3/17/24)
Mt. Kenya

I would to share my subscription within the family and share equipment too so that when i ride with my son’s bike or the otherway round the stats on distance are updated.

Mt. Kenya

I would love my wife to be involved but it would be too expensive for both of us to pay full membership.

Mt. Kenya

three of us run and ride, but three subscriptions is too much. A family rate is needed.

Mt. Kenya

My wife and I also use Strava and we would like to apply for subscription with only one family plan.

Please, prioritize this idea!

Mt. Kenya

Agree, I'd like a family plan.  With the price increase my husband and I will likely cancel our two subscriptions.  It is just too costly.  If there was a family plan, for something less that $160/year, we would probably get it.

Mt. Kenya

Yep. With the price going up and 3 athletes in the household, I will canceling my subscription. Perhaps if there was a family plan, I'd stay.


Strava make this a priority. Missing a huge segment of market and cutting your nose to spite your face by only offering one subscription plan. And, I agree with the other comment made about offering discount plans to teams and running clubs.

Mt. Kenya

Wife and I are both runners and long-time Strava users. At one point we were both paying for subscriptions but with the price increase it's too much. A family plan would be great and probably simple to implement, and would bring me back into the fold.