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Status: Gathering Kudos

It should be nice to have the possibility to configure the default privacy settings for each activity type

In my case, I would like to set "Trail" as visible for all and "Gym" hide for the others people, since not interesting for them.

Mt. Kenya

Please do this. I want to hide my daily weight training and I don't want to have to set ALL activities to 'Only Me' and manually switch everything every time.

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to record a vote to support this feature.  I'm very happy to share runs and rides, but no one wants to see my terrible yoga attempts, or strength and conditioning home gym efforts.

I like these less interesting activities to contribute to my overall fitness score in my Strava profile, just not clutter up my friend's feeds

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to record a vote for this too - is that done by the thumbs up at the top?

In my case, I want to upload recovery sessions from partner app Recover Athletics so they appear on my Activity page, but not publish these to the feed.

Mt. Kenya

This would be awesome ! Not everyone needs to see when i walk my dog, as a result i have everything to private and forget to switch things to public. The result is i engage with the platform far less then i would otherwise.


@Scout , @Bryant 

Could you give an update on whether or not this change is planned for implementation?

Like MANY others, I want to track my twice per day dog walks so I see how it contributes to my overall fitness levels, but they're of zero interest to those who follow my running activities.

Mt. Kenya

Strava is primarily for Cycling, Swimming and Running. But it has grown to be able to post many more activities too. I like this feature of posting other activities as a record of completion, but I would like the ability to select which activities are visible to whom.

For example I like my cycling activities being visible to everyone, but I also post gym work and rowing, sometimes hiking and skiing too. However, I don't wish or need these extra activities to be visible to all, so I would like to be able to pre-select which activities become visible and to whom. So, I would set cycling to "everyone" and others to "me only". 

At the moment I change the privacy settings for each extra activity individually as they are posted, which is an unnecessary waste of time.

Mt. Kenya

as per my more recent suggestion, this is a must have feature

Mt. Kenya

Echo these comments. My feed is getting increasingly cluttered with my friends' menial activities and negatively diluting the stickiness of Strava content as a result. This would be a great feature to keep content meaningful. The need for this feature has exploded with the growth of smart watches tracking every activity. 

Mt. Kenya

As all previous commenters, I fully agree that it's both noisy for followers to see all these "side activities" like gym, training, walks etc. and also a waste of time for ourselves to set activities private on an individual base.

Please consider this feature request, this would help tremendously to get our streams clean again.

Mt. Kenya

Would also like to back this. Very annoying that it can't be done right now. I was on holidays and posted about 45 walks in 7 days. Must drive people mad.

Mt. Kenya

100% also support and vote for this feature! I like to track all my activities that automatically sync from Samsung health, but it clutters my contacts feed when I really just want to share runs and bike rides. 

Mt. Kenya

I'd also love for this to be implemented. 

Mt. Kenya

Agree that this is needed. Also would be great to be able to set a threshold that you want the activity to be public. For example I don’t want my 5km runs public but maybe every run over say 10km would be nice to have it public 


Mt. Kenya

Another vote from me for this, I don't want to clutter up my followers feeds with my daily walks but I do like to track them. It's a pain having to change the visibility every time.