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Status: Gathering Kudos

The Strava mobile app currently does not support .gpx export forcing users to use leverage the desktop application as part of that workflow. As a trail runner who travels frequently (without a laptop) and relies on .gpx files for navigation in offline mountain environments, having the ability to export a .gpx file from a route published by a club group run or the route builder would be a powerful feature. Highly recommend adding an option to export .gpx files from the Strava mobile app. Thank you!

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Moderator Moderator

Thank you for bringing this idea.
It's been reviewed by Moderation and we're updating the status to Gathering Kudos.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I use Strava with my Wahoo head unit for cycling and need to import GPX routes into the ELEMNT app to sync to the Wahoo for navigation. This is a really important feature for me.



Quite often my routes don't sync the last versions to my Garmin app and I struggle to download the GPX from Strava without going on my computer.

One way would be to add the possibility to download GPX directly from the application when looking at a route

Would it be possible to add a button?


Thank you



Mt. Kenya

Very annoying lack of a simple feature, and when I try to connect to the web version of Strava from my smartphone, Android OS forces me back into the app... 

Mt. Kenya


Exporting a gpx (from the mobile app) to merge with the second one due to an auto watch save while at a hiking rest stop, would help to very quickly enable the truth to be more easily loaded.

This would be the simplest of useful features and please don’t make it another premium item.

Mt. Kenya

This seems like a trick to stop you sharing your runs/walks to another platform.

Mt. Kenya

Ridiculus cant even open it as a desk top on your phone to be able to download.

They are just paying lipservice and doing nothing as this could be added in moments and probably is there just not switched on.

People use  much better than strava plus more games and fun along the way.


Mt. Kenya

This workaround works on my Samsung Galaxy S22:

Open your phone's browser (I used Chrome), click the settings elipses and check the "Desktop Site" box.

Type in and log in.

Click-and-hold on your activity title and select "copy link address."

In that same browser window that has the "Desktop Site" enabled, paste the link address.

Et Voila: You have access to the desktop version of Strava, complete with the "Export GPX" option. 


Mt. Kenya

Exporteren van gpx bestanden vanuit de mobiele app zou een uitkomst zijn, bij het maken van routes voor b.v. een club zou het geweldig zijn om rechtstreeks vanuit de app gpx files te kunnen delen.

Ook als je onderweg bent tijdens weekeinden is het frustrerend om voor alleen een gpx file een laptop mee te moeten zeulen.

Ik zeg een geweldig idee om dit te implementeren, worden veel sporters blij van.

Mt. Kenya

This should be a no-brainer. 

Mt. Kenya

Missed this option on my vacation. Saw some interesting gravel routes in the neighborhood , no possibilty to pass it to Garmin. 

Mt. Kenya

My solution

I save a ride from other persons to my routes in Strava.

Via Garmin connect app (which is connected to Strava) I can load it into my Garmin gps

Mt. Kenya

Beebopbogo you're a gentleman and a scholar! Excellent work around 👏👏👏 thankyou 

Mt. Kenya

Would love to see this option. I notice that strava routs synch app doesn't work. And nowadays isnt supported by Garmin. 

Pico de Orizaba

I need this feature like yesterday.