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Status: Gathering Kudos

Feature request: can we customize the ordering of these Sports? Running is already my "Primary Sport" under my profile (in iOS app profile settings — what does setting this even do now?), so I would want graphs on my profile to have a bias towards showing Running data if available over other activity types. 

The main activity that I want to highlight on Strava is running — that's one of the main sports this app is built around. But recently I've been uploading my other workouts tracked by my Apple Watch (weight lifting, yoga, climbing, etc) to Strava since it's nice to see them contribute to my Monthly Fitness graph, Weekly Intensity graph, & other tracking features in the app. 

The problem is that Strava tries to intelligently re-order the activity types (e.g. "Weight Training", "Run", "Rock Climb", ...) above the "This Week" graph on my Profile based on the amount of activities have been completed of a particular type. Based on what I'm observing, the ordering of the activities is strictly based on number of activities uploaded of that type, not any other metric (e.g. time). This means that more often than not the "Run" type — & therefore the default view of the "This Week" graph on my profile — is not first; e.g. I uploaded two short weight lifting activities (total 45 minutes) & one long run (1.5 hours).  

Thanks! 😊

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I agree and would love to see my primary sport (Running) as the default metrics that show up on my profile. I take my older dog on several short walks throughout the day which skews my default display much like @izzy mentioned above. Love to see the option to choose how it shows up (by mileage, time, or number activities) or just set it to my primary sport by default. Thanks so much!