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Status: Gathering Kudos

It seems like most social media platforms are adding "pinned" posts to the top of your feed / profile. I think this would be a sweet feature for Strava on the profile page, as you could showcase your best efforts or activities that you're proud of, and make them easy to find instead of getting buried in the feed. Thoughts?

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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Mt. Kenya

I think it would be awesome if were able to pin our favorite activity/multiples activities (maybe one for running, another for biking, hiking, etc.) so it shows up at the top of our profile. My favorite run is about a year down in my profile. When visiting peoples profile, it would be cool to see their most proud activity first, similar to instagram and other social media sites. 

Mt. Kenya

This is becoming meta for social media platforms (Twitter pinned tweets, Facebook favourite photos, Instagram highlights reels). I know that this feature would be very popular. 

Mt. Kenya

Option to put activities in a group, for example, all races of 2023, or all epic rides, or a week in french alps and be able to preset it as you can story highlights on instagram. 

All my fun activities get lost with random traning rides and when I want to look back at cool ride it is hard to find them. Also other peopel can get inspiration for a ride...

Mt. Kenya

I had the same idea! Hope this gets implemented. I have past activities I want to show off haha

Mt. Kenya

“pin an activity” to the top of your activities on your profile. The order would still be time based, except for that one pinned activity. This way you can see your best achievement or race you are proud of first, insteaf of just showing you latest activities which might just be some random trainings.

for example, Twitter has this. 

Mt. Kenya

When you follow a new athlete, I'd like to get an idea of what sort of sports/activities they're doing and give them an option to highlight any impressive races or efforts.

Being able to pin three (or so) public activities of my choice to my profile would allow me to highlight my best marathon results for example, which would usually be buried in the activities section.

Mt. Kenya

When you look someone up on Strava..  you can see their activities in order completed...

They may not be training at the moment so you don't see their best work just by looking at the profile so it would be good to have a section where you can view the activities they're proud of.

So let's say I did a bunch of 50 milers, it would be good to be able to save those to a section on the profile, like a trophy cabinet, where people who look for me and find me on strava can see immediately my best work, even if I'm not currently training for anything, they don't have to wade through 3 or 4 months of mediocre runs to see my Ultra that I did 6 months ago.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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​​Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Agreed. Being able to show off activities you're really proud of would be great.

Mt. Kenya

Show off your proudest activities.

Exceptional activities get lost in the feed, this feature allows anyone checking your stats to see a custom list of your favorite efforts. 

Mt. Kenya

Option to mark faveriote activities on top of the profile or some new page will definitely help. This will help in showcasing highlights on Strava.


Great Idea!

I was thinking about suggesting the same thing. I want to have some kind of diary with my top-notch acitvities over the year to be able to quickly scroll through them.

Please keep me posted on this 


Mt. Kenya

Please implement! My friend is in the progress of running the big 6 and his records are buried in all of his training posts. Being able to pin would make it so much easier to find.

Mt. Kenya

This is a must !  Trophy Cabinet is a great name someone mentioned!