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Status: Gathering Kudos

It seems like most social media platforms are adding "pinned" posts to the top of your feed / profile. I think this would be a sweet feature for Strava on the profile page, as you could showcase your best efforts or activities that you're proud of, and make them easy to find instead of getting buried in the feed. Thoughts?

Mt. Kenya

I'm an inline skater and recently completed a road race after 4 months of intense training. I would really like to pin the race to my profile since I'm so proud of my work, but for now it just looks like another workout and is lost in the flood of regular activities.

Is this idea on the roadmap of the Strava dev team? Along with bringing other features that cyclists enjoy to inline skating, such as Local Legends.

Mt. Kenya

I think this is a great suggestion and I'm happy I'm not the only one who had the idea. I'd love to be able to view someones favorite activity at first glance on their profile and also be able to pin my own in mine. I think top 3 would be a great number! Hope this gets implemented one day.

Mt. Kenya


I know many people are training towards a goal, race, or event, and these activities are often forgotten in the feed. My idea is to create a way to pin activities to the user profile, imagine this being the equivalent of an Instagram-pinned post so this can be found easily, being a reminder of hard work and dedication.



Hey there,

Your idea is so brilliant! Pinning activities to user profiles would be a fantastic addition. It would allow users to showcase their important goals, races, or events they're training for. 

This feature could really enhance the overall user experience on Strava.

Mt. Kenya

I agree !!!!