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Status: Gathering Kudos

Strava leaderboards for Queen of the Mountain & King of the Mountain are stale, and many of them hold absolutely untouchable records made by unusual participants in events. (a good example is a pro peloton riding through the local hillclimb with a favorable tailwind — no amateur will ever be in the top-10 again.)

My request is an all-time leaderboard, and to make KOM/QOM awards annual. You were the fastest this year? Perfect! Your name is the one that will appear as KOM on the segment. As an added benefit, there could be an additional section of the Trophy Case for winning QOM/KOM trophies for a year.

This would freshen up leaderboards on many of the world's most important and major segments, making them more accessible and reigniting competition each year, rather than relegating the leaderboards to yesteryear or having to filter to find the "This Year" results (which just isn't as exciting).

Mt. Kenya

Wouldn't it be great if there was a rolling 365 day KOM Leaderboard (with awarded trophies - top 10 and PR's).

I think this will really freshen up the segments. 

I think strava tried something similar a few years ago but it was just a Jan to Dec leaderboard but that didn't really work - ride on 1st Jan and get every segment KOM lol.



Mt. Kenya

I was thinking along similar lines as some segment KOMs are impossible to get now, especially if you've had a pro peloton through it. I think this a great idea. My idea was similar but maybe keeping a count of who has the fastest times on any fiven segment each year since Strava began. I did like the yearly KOMs too as I think that being the fastest of the year on any segment has merit. But it was possibly poorly implemented as whenever you went for a ride kn 1st of Jan every segment was an annual KOM!

Mt. Kenya

And how do we keep those pesky e-bike riders from marking their rides as rides?

Mt. Kenya

Strava should do their due diligence and look at things like weight of the rider, watts, heart rate and speed to determine if it is even physically possible to be real. 

Mt. Kenya

Perhaps the KOM isn't awarded until Dec 31st or Jan 1st for the previous year. 

For MTB, trail conditions change over time and it may not be possible ride the segment as fast as it once was; the trail gets heavily rutted, or overgrown with brush, or a fallen tree requires a slight reroute.


I think it would be great to have a leaderboard where you have to have multiple attempts. Take an average of your top 3 attempts. This would reward local riders and people who are consistent. It would not reward a pro peloton or people who have a single suspiciously good attempt.


Richard this is great. Someone had suggested a similar feature for segments called prince/princess of a segment. The KOM/QOM are still forever, but 2nd place segments reset every year. 

Shant Hagopian
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Mt. Kenya

This is a fantastic idea! Having an annual leaderboard would be great as well. 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Excellent for MTB tracks where conditions change from year to year. Would make QOM/KOM more relevant.


I'm against this idea because the leaderboard for "This year" already exists, it has the main flaw of using the calendary year instead of the last 365 days and especially on roads (mabye not on tracks) there isn't so much change that a Q/KOM reset is justified.


This used to be a feature (which I actually liked) - where you had an 'all time' leader, and the annual leader - but it got removed (not entirely sure why). 

It would also depend (like @Jan_Mantau said above) on how frequently a segment is ridden (by how many riders)... some popular segments (like "Old la honda" in Portola Valley, California) would make more sense to have an annual leader QOM/KOM than somewhere like "highway 12 leading to Tees in Alberta, Canada".  

I kind of like the Calendar Year version vs rollling 365 (that rolling version is somewhat like the 'Local Legend' feature... kind of... maybe).


@CreakyCrank - They tried it for a year and it was resoundingly disliked.  It was removed due to the overwhelmingly negative response to it.  It flooded the feeds, making just about every effort some kind of trophy, whether it was an overall top 10, this year's top 10, top 3 for the individual, etc...  Pretty much made it so people didn't even bother looking at the segment awards anymore because they were a dime a dozen.  


@anchskier I figured there must be a legitimate reason to remove it, but maybe it can be implemented in a less intrusive way, where it is 'hidden' with an ability to "show this year's top efforts" or some such.  I mean, you can kind of find that now, but it doesn't seem intuitive... If done right, it could give some people extra motivation to achieve an 'annual' KOM where they may never get the all-time. 

It is tough to solve and have engagement for all though - so having as an option where it doesn't become meaningless would be key, and also one that doesn't flood the feed (it is too noisy already).

Mt. Kenya

Yes please.  With personal bests also, exactly like it was in 2015 please:-

I thought it the best new feature Strava ever added, so was gutted when it was removed.  For one year, I had faith that Strava was doing meaningful things for me.

Having had a multi-year injury and a historic decade or more of cycling, Strava is a personal ghost town to me.  Impossible to be at my previous best, impossible even when at my previous best to beat PBs assisted by stormy windy conditions.

A season's best is a normal achievement in all sports, so why should Strava not have it?

I suspect the people that complained about the feature, now nearly 10 years older, are maybe regretting complaining about it as they get old and their performance is naturally dropping off too!  I read supposedly lots of people complained about the feature, but for people like me, happily pedalling along, enjoying the new functionality, was oblivious to the supposed list of complaints.  Had I known of it's planned demise, I would have happily Kudos'd to saving it at the time.  Happy people don't swamp the support desk with happiness, so the complaints could easily have been taken well out of proportion.

I wonder if a 'rolling season's best' could reduce the overall number of trophies, while still giving recovering athletes something to achieve?  Best in last 365 days?

For clarity, addressing concern posted below, the rolling window I envisage wouldn't backdate to old activities. It would look at the 365 days up to the activity in question and award as appropriate at that time.  An activity in January 2023 would consider segment times from February 2022 to January 2023 and award if that activity is in the top three for that period, irrespective of it now being May 2023 when I'm looking at that activity.