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Mt. Kenya
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I own a gravel ebike with a motor speed limit at 25km/h. If I‘m riding above this limit, all the power comes from my legs and none from the motor. 
Please add a cathegory „e-bike 25km/h“ to mark the ride correctly.

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Hey @_roman_,

We appreciate your participation in the Community. It’s not entirely clear from your post what you’re suggesting here. Do you mind elaborating and including more details on the topic? Based on your description, you could just mark the activity as "Ebike". Why would the additional "25km/h" be necessary?

We kindly ask that you review our Ideas guidelines, particularly the “What makes a good idea” section, to ensure that your ideas are clear, concise, and can reach as many others as possible.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Hi Bryant
Ok, so let me clarify my topic.

There are 2 types of ebikes. There are the ones, where the power support ends at 45km/h and there are others, where the power support ends at 25km/h.

When I'm riding a 45km/h bike, then I will take the activity "e-bike" in Strava, because the most of the time I will get the support from the motor during my ride. Therefore, it's clear, that all my stats, segments, ... refer to ebike in a separate activity group.

Now, to my "problem":

When I'm riding a 25km/h bike, such as my Gravel e-bike, I get the support from the motor only until 25km/h. So when I'm riding with 30km/h I get no support from my motor anymore. In this case, I'm riding it like a normal bike and could join the normal segments and stats. But I cannot ride this bike as a normal bike, because, when the route goes uphill, then I get the support from the motor - in this case the activity "e-bike" makes sense.

My Idea was, to make a new activity like "ebike 25km/h" which acts as the activitiy "ebike" but only when the speed is below 25. When the speed is above 25 it should act as "normal bike"

I hope, i could clarify my idea.


First of all, there are a lot more than just two types of e-bikes.  There are a bunch of different levels of e-bikes and the amount of assistance they provide and to what speed they provide it varies greatly.  Picking one specific speed for a category would be very arbitrary.  

I am confused about how you are suggesting to separate this from other rides.  You mention making a category for 25 km/h e-bikes, but then talking about it being treated as a "normal bike" at certain speeds.  Every ride will have times when the rider is below 25km/h and receiving assistance from the motor.  Do you want to have segments you ride below 25km/h on compared as an e-bike but then if you happen to ride a segment at more than 25km/h, it would compete on the "normal bike" leaderboard?  


Even though the 25 km/h throttle is the usual limit in most european countries I don't think it's worth the hassle to make it a separate sports type. The few people who drive an ebike with higher limits like 45 km/h are of course mostly on top ranks in flat ebike segments but is this really a problem for anyone? And if someone tunes their bike they probably won't admit it by tagging their bike in Strava accordingly. Different segment applications (normal ride segments and ebike ride segments) for the same activity depended on speed won't work anyway what with segments where the speed is sometimes above and sometimes below and there is this thing that even 25 km/h is only the regulated value but every bike differs from it even without tuning.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Hello @_roman_ 

Thanks for the clarification.

Your idea has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.  

The idea title was edited so it will be easier for others to search and vote on. Thank you for your contribution.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team