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As a bike commuter, I am grateful that Strava has designed more features for bike commuters. I was recently noticing that there are POIs on the map labeled (P) and I thought to myself how wonderful it is to have bike racks listed as a POI!

Unfortunately, I was very mistaken by this and after a quick look on street view on Google maps, I noticed that there isn't actually a bike rack at that location. This said, after I realized that, I thought I would submit an Idea/feature request for adding bike racks as POIs.

This is a novel dataset as far as I can tell, and to collect this information, I suggest allowing community members to mark locations where there are bike racks available, allowing for them to add the following:

  • Description: a description of the bike rack (color/general location notes)
  • Number: the total number of bike racks at the location.
  • Notes: optional field, could allow for other user input

This would be such an amazing feature and would allow bicycle commuters to have access to a constantly growing dataset of known bike rack locations, saving time/headache/heartache for anyone traveling by bike. Whether for a quick cafe stop on their road bike, grabbing a drink with friends at a bar after shredding up a few flow trails and jump lines on their mountain bike, or anyone touring/commuting by bicycle and intending to grab some lunch or stop at a neat little shop they found along the way, this feature would benefit all of the community.

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Status changed to: Existing

Hello @afrothundaaaa thanks for sharing your thoughts on adding bike rack information to our maps. Here's how you can currently add Points of Interest to our maps:

Strava uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) POI data to generate the POIs you see on Strava's maps. If you wish to see a POI appear on Strava, we recommend ensuring that this POI exists on OSM. If the POI has not been added to OSM's database, you can do so after creating an OSM account. Learn more about making an edit on OpenStreetMap in our About Strava Maps help article.

While additions to OpenStreetMap can be made directly through their website, you may find third party tools such as 'OpenStreetMap My Business' provide an easy method to quickly add or edit business information on OSM. Strava does not endorse this tool nor are we able to provide support for its use, but we mention its existence so that you better understand your options.

Additionally, it should be noted that not all OpenStreetMap POIs appear on Strava. Our maps used de-identified activity data to surface the POIs which are most useful or interesting to our athletes. Our team is unable to manually trigger POIs to show on Strava maps at the request of an athlete or business owner at this time.

I hope this information addresses your concern.