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I noticed that when I record multiple consecutive sessions on Strava in the Apple Watch, only one session (the last one?) is synced to the Strava app. It would be quite useful to enable recording several sessions and then uploading them at once (I dont have cellular enabled watch). Also recording only one session on Strava and then parsing it doesnt help, since when I am running I want to know real time my stats (i.e. not combined/averaged with previous activities)

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Status changed to: Existing
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Hello @overxx 

Thanks for posting about this.  You should be able to record multiple activities on your Apple Watch and then upload them.  i'm not sure why this wouldn't be working for you.  I'm going to ask you to please submit a support ticket so someone from our Support Team and troubleshoot with you directly.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team