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Status: Gathering Kudos

I am using third party apps to record MAF and Zone2 activities. I would love it if this alert was pre-integrated into the Strava app.

the MAF idea is easy, you take the age of the athlete and subtract it from 180, then prompt for other sub categories such as overweight, injuries (subtract an extra 5) and arrive at their targeted MAF Heart Rate and have the App alert the athlete when they exceed the heart rate so they can slow down and stay on track.

For Zone 2 alerts, record the athlete speak into the device's microphone and record a small phrase that equals 1 1000, 2 1000, 3 1000, 4 1000, 5 1000, 6 1000, 7 1000, 8 1000 if they take a breath from 6 1000 and onward, that is their Zone 2 max heart rate/pace if they take a breath before 6 1000 then they are cycling or running too hard and need to back off. have the runner re-calibrate every few weeks if they are training 3 or more times per week, and if they stop training have them re-calibrate to get an accurate measure for their Zone 2.

Mt. Kenya

As discussed at, exercising in the heat is often best done with a heartrate monitor to adjust for said heat. Strava currently has a way to connect a heartrate monitor, and it has audio cues for running.

Can you add a way, for ALL activities, to have an audio cue for the current, or moving average, heartrate at a periodic distance (e.g. every half mile or mile) or time (e.g. every minute or five minutes)? This would allow me to more easily ensure I'm adjusting my pace, whether running, biking, or whatever, to not overdo exercise in the heat.

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Mt. Kenya

For making training by heartrate easier with the apple watch, pls add a audio note for the heart rate in the apple watch strava settings.

for instance: if the heart rate > user specific threshold , then u will get a audio note.


I also ask for audio cues for heart rate each minute, or as specified by user, such as RunnerUp, etc.. Furthermore, there could also exist alternatives, such as:

a) -an audio cue alert when the heart rate exceeds the desired heart rate zone.

b) -an audio cue alert when the heart rate increases rapidly, (ex. starting running uphill in a trail run).


Mt. Kenya

I'd love this too, other apps I've used in the past could tell me this as part of the distance audio cue

Mt. Kenya

Please add this to Strava!

I'm not an apple or Garmin guy.. but I'd like to see these essential for all modern vo2 low heart zones trainings etc. settings in this great app!

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I'm a cyclist who started occasionally running in off season in Zone 2.

I don't want to buy a fancy watch to track this kind of activity. So such feature would be very expected.

Strava app has distance and pace audio announced already implemented. It would be easy to add additional HR based announcement.

It would be nice to have option to define custom HR zones in app. If such zones defined then when user start to record an activity app can ask which zone should be used for audio announcement .

  • The independent announcement should be triggered (e.g. for Z2) when HR is changed from Z1>Z2 + Z2>Z3 (and vise versa) with current HR value and tempo low\good\high based on current zone.
  • The audio announcement based on distance should have HR metric added to it too. This would be useful when both announcement should be triggered in same time. In this case distance announcement with HR included should have higher priority then just HR zone once.

Alternately it could be just two values: beginning of the desired zone and it ends value. Audio announcement could be triggered in the same way as described above.

Another way is to redesign audio announcement to have several types. Right now we can only select to have audio announcement based on distance, e.g. 0.5 or 1 km.

The app can have two metrics which can trigger an audio announcement event:

  1. Distance
  2. HR
  • When Distance is selected then user would still have selection of 0.5 vs 1 km. In case if HR strap is paired then HR data would be announced too.
  • When HR is selected then user can select HR zone which should be tracked by Strava app to provide appropriate audio announcement.
Mt. Kenya

I'm running with Apple i-watch 4, using audio cues.

As I'm 73 years old, and having some issues with my heart, Can I ask please to add the Heart Rate to the available audio cues?

Thank you

Mt. Kenya

Completely agree. Since I started zone 2 training, I don’t use Strava anymore during runs, but the Apple app. 

Mt. Kenya

Just started using Strava and already missing the HR limit alerts of running above/below previously set HR numbers.