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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos


Strava has always traditionally been focused on Cyclists, but more and more features are coming out for additional sports. I would like Strava to better support Multi sport, in both activities and athletes stats/data.

I would love to see is being able to unify/upload multiple activities that were related to each other e.g. a Triathlon. The user experience is always quite clunky, and its hard to view as a single effort/activity when looking at past activities.

Ideally this would be a single activity with different sections per sport and includes transition period. 

This would greatly improve the experience to both the user and their followers. For example the user will be able to differentiate between a 10k run and a 10k run they did at the end of a triathlon. It gives much more context into the athletes effort and doesn't treat single sport activities the same as multi sport

It will benefit their followers as it will reduce the amount of activities displayed on the feed (e.g. if they do lots of swim/run/swim/run/swim/run training). 

Look forward to hearing from you


This would be an very useful feature, and improve the Strava experience greatly.

I do triathlon, and it uploads 5 activities (including transitions)

And a SwimRun event I did yesterday could have potentially created 30 activities!!!

Mt. Kenya

I can't believe they haven't implemented yet. Triathlon and multisports are really popular these days. Plus it would be very easy to implement. Garmin and others already do it. I hate Strava because of this. Uploading a triathlon into Strava is a joke really. 


When you have been on strava for over 12 years and seen requests for that, including making your own request as like on this forum, don't get discouraged, another platform will swoop, call it the Red Queen effect, as like athletes we listen to out coaches for improvement 

Mt. Kenya

It would be nice to be able to change activity types during or after a ride to include multiple activity types within one bigger activity. For example, if someone is doing a triathlon, the user would need to start and end 3 different activities for the event and it would not be combined all into one map activity. Having it all one one activity would be great and the route would be color coded or something with the different activity types for the entire ride/run/swim

Mt. Kenya


Update please…….

It’s been requested for years and nothing.  Appreciate Strava was built for cyclists but you need to evolve.  As Ironman is my main sport, I doubt I’ll be renewing my premium membership again until this is resolved.  Very disappointing.

What are we paying you for?!?!?!?



Same here. There is a new CEO (Michael Martin) since the beginning of the year though, he will be our savior (supposedly). 

He did say in an interview, when asked what he wanted as his legacy with Strava, that the thing holding Strava back is nothing but a "lack of awareness".  I would say this is true on many aspects, including a lack of awareness to listen to this community board with ideas that have hundreds of Likes...





Wow, a new CEO! Come on Michael Martin, make this Strava more attractive. So far that is so boring.

Mt. Kenya

Can't believe we still don't have a triathlon feature. We'll get a competitive pogo sticking workout type before we get the epitome of the apps roots in cycling, running and somewhat swimming

Mt. Kenya

Swimrun season is here again 😊

And my paid for strava account is once again ruined by a stream of small run and swims. Ruines both my and my friends experience completely. Come on strava let me at least group them together 🤷‍♂️

Mt. Kenya

It's absolutely pathetic we haven't seen an update or heard anything on this two year old (!) feature request. I work within B2B saas and if we would treat our customers like this, we would be out of business. If we can't get this implemented soon, I foresee a radical decrease in renewed memberships. Very disappointing...

Mt. Kenya

Agree, I am a manager working in development of software in public transportation. Not very different from the strava app I'd imagine. A request/whish like this would never be left unsolved or unanswered. I can't believe the ignorance from strava...

Mt. Kenya

Has anyone seen STRAVA mention anything about about their position with regards to multisport activities like Swimrun or Tritahlon?  

Mt. Kenya

As of today there are 916 votes for consolidated activities in strava in this petition from Swimrun Monaco.

If you havnt signed it do so here:

Mt. Kenya

Would love this feature enabled for Hyrox!

Mt. Kenya

I think adding a multi Activity option would be beneficial where you could select up to 3/4 activities I.e swimming followed by cycling then running, once you start the activity it would give you stats for the first activity then when you hit “Lap” it would change to the second activity and give metrics for that and so on until the activity is completed. The map could show different colours for each activity too?