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Pico de Orizaba
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Strava has always traditionally been focused on Cyclists, but more and more features are coming out for additional sports. I would like Strava to better support Multi sport, in both activities and athletes stats/data.

One way I would like to see this done is allowing the user to set HR Zones per sport type. Currently its a one size fits all which does not fit for athletes who cycle and run.

Having this support will also allow Strava to give much better relative effort data. An athlete  might make a habit of going on 2 hour cycle rides Strava sees this athlete can perform for 2 hours, but it doesn't care which sport. On another day the Athlete may go for a 20min run which exhausts them much more than the regular ride they do. But Strava doesn't care, Strava sees they have only done 16% of the work they typically do, so it marks it as a low effort, something it was not. I can't say for sure this is the way Strava works, but this is based on my own experience of using the app for years.

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