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Status: Gathering Kudos

In the world we are a lot of orienteers that want to label our activities like an orienteering race or training, different from the simple runs. Please, create a new category for orienteering.


Mt. Kenya

Do it please. 🙂 

Mt. Kenya

let's go add orienteering!!!

Mt. Kenya

Would be nice to have that choice ❤️

Mt. Kenya

definitely yes! Please add it. Though I would vote to have orienteering as a “running” type activity under the general “run” category. Not a sub-type (a label) under a run activity.

Mt. Kenya

I vote for entirely new sport type.

Mt. Kenya

Vote for new sport type

Mt. Kenya

I agree with the idea of sub type running for orienteering activities

Mt. Kenya

Support the idea of orienteering mode

Mt. Kenya

So much needed! Definitely a new sport type. It does have sub disciplines of its own.  At least sprint and forest should be available over time, although I’d settle with simply Orienteering (then meaning forest disciplines mid, long, ultra).

Plz make this happen!

Mt. Kenya

Orienteering as a new sport please

Mt. Kenya

Would love to see the addition of orienteering! 

Mt. Kenya

I am in favor of adding orienteering to the Strava platform. I've been orienteering for over thirty years. It is a thrilling sport which combines running with navigating. What's great about it is the variety. Every race is different because you have a choice of routes between each checkpoint. While most competitive orienteering event are held in the woods, many are also held in parks, campuses and other urban locations. Our local club draws a lot of newcomers by holding recreational fun-run type events in urban settings, as opposed to the woods. We also get a lot of hikers who want to navigate, but not race. About half of our local orienteers are competitive, and half recreational, all at the same event. We already put up some of our events on Livelox.

Mt. Kenya

Orienteering should have its own category, as there are many sub-categories of orienteering, and running is only one aspect of the sport.

Mt. Kenya

Definitely needs to be separate sport. Many people walk when they compete, so it’s not actually ‘running’ for some. And the many sub-varieties lend themselves to a distinct activity. 

Mt. Kenya

Thanks for raising this. I definitely miss orienteering support in Strava.

I think that Orienteering mileage should be calculated into the total running mileage, but at the same time it will be great to have Orienteering as a separate type of reporting.

As an Idea, to not overcomplicate the analytics process, Strava can just replicate the implementation of Suunto. These guys support orienteering and know pretty well how to cook it.