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Status: Gathering Kudos

In the world we are a lot of orienteers that want to label our activities like an orienteering race or training, different from the simple runs. Please, create a new category for orienteering.


Mt. Kenya

I also believe that the mileage should be calculated into running, however, given the nature of the sport, simply using trail running changes the VO2-max stats, hence I believe it should be a specific category not affecting the VO2-performance parameters. 

I believe Strava should be present at O-Ringen.

Mt. Kenya

Orienteering is its own sport and I would support the addition of this activity. Of Polar and Suunto already have it, Strava should jump on board as well. There is an International Orienteering Federation and many country level organizations such as Orienteering Canada and Orienteering USA. This sport is practiced by people off all ages. I wish I could record my Orienteering activities instead of choosing a trail run, especially when I am spending most of my time navigating through the woods off trail. 

Mt. Kenya

Please do something about this. It has annoyed me for many years that you can't categorize your runs as Orienteering!

Mt. Kenya

Yeah! Let's have it already!

Mt. Kenya

I agree with @Tobbster, orienteering should be a sub-category of "All Run".

Mt. Kenya

If we have trail run activity, orienteering must be too!

Mt. Kenya

Please take into consideration that orienteering is not only about running. There is also MTBO (mountain bike orienteering), so it shouldn't be under running.

Mt. Kenya

I also want to separate my orienteering from my ordinary runs! 

Mt. Kenya

I thinknit should be under type of run, like you can select trail, track etc but absolutely agree it should be on there 

Mt. Kenya

This would be brilliant. Given the huge number of different sports they have now it seems like an obvious and easy thing to do. 

however, I emailed STRAVA with this suggestion years ago and didn’t hear from them. 

Mt. Kenya

Orienteering as sub type/category under All Run.

Orienteering is already a feature on gps sport watches such as Polar. 

Mt. Kenya

It’s time Strava!

Let’s go with orienteering as a new sport type or as sub-category in Run.

That way we can finally track our trainings properly.

Mt. Kenya

Please 🙏 

Mt. Kenya

Because we are running through vegetation, climbing up banks and crossing streams etc., in terms of speed orienteering looks slower than other running sports – so it would be a really great boost for the sport if it had its own category on Strava!

Mt. Kenya

Absolutely support adding orienteering as a sport in its own right. If you can have the likes of sailing, gravel bike rides, MTB, pickleball and e-bike rides (!) why on earth can't we have orienteering?