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Status: Delivered

update from Strava:

Hello and thank you all for your votes and comments on this suggestion. 

This has been implemented and you can now hide the start time as well as other details from your activities when they appear in other athletes’ feeds or when others view your activity. The full list is below:

  • Heart rate
  • Pace or speed
  • Power
  • Calories
  • Start Time

For more information and to learn how to activate this feature, please visit this link.

Again, sincere thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

A long awaited feature, listed already several times in the previous community forum.

I even had an interview with Strava staff in 2019 about this: hide start time.

Why ? I do not like the idea to log my position on the internet, but I like segments and sharing with friends. Then the compromise to have the day and NOT the time of activities would be acceptable.


@zecanard Sorry, I was wrong, it's still enough if I follow someone to see their starting time, they don't have to follow me back. 


@Jan_Mantau gotcha. Seems to me that requiring a reciprocal follow would be a good solution. It should serve as a signal that you are somewhat familiar with that person and/or that you are willing to share more information with them.


Mt. Kenya

I agree but still think No matter what that you should be able to decide it for all. For instance some of my coworkers follow me and I follow them back but I don’t always want to share what time a day I train


Indeed. And allow real choice in privacy, better even per activity with default settings. Do not enforce this based on some assumptions that it even matters who follows who.


E.g. Privacy/Show start time, a choice list: Everyone, Followers, People I follow, Only me.


Succinctly put there and (as every non developer will say) be easy to include and add to existing privacy controls. 
it gives each user the option to grade their privacy towards every other category of Strava user. 

Mt. Kenya

I would highly appreciate if this feature request was addressed by Strava developers. 

Mt. Kenya

This issue has been raised back in 2021 and I’ve tried to write the Strava support several times so I hope they will listen soon! 


But it is already solved, just in the way that annoys everyone else, who doesn't mind sharing their start time - now it is hidden for everyone, with no privacy control to change it. Seems to be the way of Strava, to change something because some people raised concerns, not giving any option to those, who liked it like it was.


@Sławek  I am not sure how you say it is already solved. 
Activity start times are still visible to the people you follow, doesn’t require a mutual follow, and there is no option to hide one’s activity start time, be it as default option or per activity edit. 
Nothing is solved. 
The functionality to hide one’s activity start time is NOT solved as one’s followers can still see this data. 
This request will be solved when there is either a button to hide one’s start times as a default action, or given the option when editing an activity, which will enable the user to hide their start times from all other users. 

Mt. Kenya


I totally hear you and I can’t really understand why this can be so hard for Strava to understand the importance of and why it can be so difficult to prioritize and develop - the user’s privacy should be top priority imo

Mt. Kenya

I agree that it is musthave feature in the current privacy concern times.

Mt. Kenya

This is exactly what I would like to have as well. Hope it will be added!

Pico de Orizaba

There should be an option (privacy setting) to hide the activity start time.

Mt. Kenya

Please implement this feature 👍👍 ++