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Status: Delivered

update from Strava:

Hello and thank you all for your votes and comments on this suggestion. 

This has been implemented and you can now hide the start time as well as other details from your activities when they appear in other athletes’ feeds or when others view your activity. The full list is below:

  • Heart rate
  • Pace or speed
  • Power
  • Calories
  • Start Time

For more information and to learn how to activate this feature, please visit this link.

Again, sincere thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

A long awaited feature, listed already several times in the previous community forum.

I even had an interview with Strava staff in 2019 about this: hide start time.

Why ? I do not like the idea to log my position on the internet, but I like segments and sharing with friends. Then the compromise to have the day and NOT the time of activities would be acceptable.

Mt. Kenya

Totally agree with everyone in this post asking for timestamp to be removed! It feels uncomfortable knowing activities might be seen by colleagues who follow you if you call it a day early to go for a run/ride. I simply don’t share the activity with anyone at all now, which is a shame. The fact they are called “followers” and not “friends” would imply you don’t per se want to share everything with them. Not to mention the security aspect many have mentioned. 
As a long-time premium user, I would very much want for the timestamp to be made optional! (Oh and what about dark mode?! 🤓)



Extra relevance since hybrid work got a COVID-19 boost. Some people understand that one can organise an agenda to combine both >8h work and outdoor cycling, but many people don´t.

Allowing to hide the start & end time of rides will save a lot of useluss comments.

Mt. Kenya

UP - surprised such a simple half-sprint feature has not been implemented yet when true demand must be through the roof given the number of comments here. Few people bother to comment. Most suffer quietly with poor design and prioritization choices.

Mt. Kenya


je viens d'annuler mon abonnement payant.

je réactiverais uniquement si Strava respecte la confidentialité de chacun notamment de pouvoir choisir ce qu'on souhaite voir apparaître ou pas comme les horaires.


Mt. Kenya


Surely an option to not show the start/end time is a piece of simple programming that Strava could implement. I won't be renewing/activation a subscription until it does.   

Mt. Kenya


Please improve your privacy settings. It is not okay that features like this is not in place when requiring open profiles to participate in competitions, challenges.



Mt. Kenya

Strava team,

It’s way past time you recognize the importance and develop the privacy features listed in this topic (option to hide activity time even from followers, differentiate followers from friends). Will renew my subscription when you listen to heavy users and actually implement those.

Mt. Kenya


This is must feature. Until reaching this page I've lost lot of time looking for this in settings and on the internet. I'm sure not many people reach this page, but many are surely interested to have this option in privacy settings. 



Mt. Kenya



It is an essential feature to hide start/end time of activities for several reasons. 

Mt. Kenya

New to the thread but have been looking for this feature for ages online and via third party applications. Surely after 2 years this could be implemented Strava.

Mt. Kenya

I already cancelled my Premium subscription due to this. It takes a lot of fun from Strava. Please, get the basics right. It’s 2024

Mt. Kenya

There is possibility to hide start and end of the ride/run on the map also there should be possibility to hide "time" of the activity, that will show that activity was only in current day. 

Mt. Kenya


Ça commence à faire beaucoup de monde qui vous demande cette modification de paramètre pour que l'heure ne soit plus affichée ou soit possible d'être modifiée.

Après avoir lu l'intégralité des message, je ne vois aucun retour de votre part...un coup d'épée dans l'eau? On parle pour rien dire?

Pouvez vous prendre en compte les demandes qui vous sont suggérées?

A ce jour on parle beaucoup (voir trop par moment) de confidentialité des données...etc qu'en est t'il de votre part?

Sportivement 😉

Mt. Kenya

I think this feature is absolutely necessary to give customers the ability to hide start time or end time with followers for privacy reasons. It should just be a simple toggle on or off app enhancement to give us the choice to enable.

Mt. Kenya

Please implement this asap. Seems like the most basic privacy issue, and not difficult to do. It's none of anyone's business when I leave to ride. This is another reason I no longer subscribe.