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Status: Delivered

update from Strava:

Hello and thank you all for your votes and comments on this suggestion. 

This has been implemented and you can now hide the start time as well as other details from your activities when they appear in other athletes’ feeds or when others view your activity. The full list is below:

  • Heart rate
  • Pace or speed
  • Power
  • Calories
  • Start Time

For more information and to learn how to activate this feature, please visit this link.

Again, sincere thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

A long awaited feature, listed already several times in the previous community forum.

I even had an interview with Strava staff in 2019 about this: hide start time.

Why ? I do not like the idea to log my position on the internet, but I like segments and sharing with friends. Then the compromise to have the day and NOT the time of activities would be acceptable.

Mt. Kenya

This seems like a very intuitive and useful option. I am surprised it is not implemented yet. Wish it were. 

Mt. Kenya

Activities Start Times can only been seen by followers (as far as I know). Please consider making the Start Time an optional privacy feature for Strava users to elect to hide it from everyone, including their followers. Not only is this a privacy matter but a safety one as well.

Mt. Kenya

We really need the ability to hide Start, End, and Upload time from Everyone for safety. Maybe an option in privacy settings to hold activities from posting to your community until midnight or a set time? Followers are not necessarily close friends, even if you follow them back. You might follow someone while just starting to get to know them, long before you can judge that it's safe to share your full routines. For me, this is a necessary safety feature that unfortunately prevents me using the Strava platform and recommending it to my community in it's current state. 

Mt. Kenya

Please explain me the logic here:

I’m able to hide my Start and end position + my heart rate, Power, pace AND EVEN calories BUT NOT my start time - this just dosen’t make any sense and when will Strava listen to this old wish now - I mean - it can’t be that hard to figure out and just implement? 


Mt. Kenya


Quel est l'intérêt de cette communauté si Strava ne fait aucun retour sur nos demandes? Aurons nous un jour un retour à notre requête ? Allo Strava il a quelqu'un?? #perplexe


+1 ish. I think start time should be on as default for followers and non-followers, but should be optional to hide it (to both followers + non-followers). Similar to the way you can hide start + end locations (to both followers + non-followers). Personally I'm fine keeping both public.

Mt. Kenya

Please add the ability to hide start times in settings from followers

Mt. Kenya

Please implement this request! It's an important privacy and security feature.

Mt. Kenya

PLEASE implement this for safety.  Not everyone trusts or is close acquaintances with their followers.  I know multiple people who don't use strava because they can't hide start time.   

Mt. Kenya

The activity start time should always be considered a privacy option in all circumstances, that can be hidden or shown at the user's discretion. (even for his/her followers)
(just as you did for the activity start/end point)

Justification: There is a wide variety of persons that are one's followers…it would be safer to just opt out of posting the start time of my activities (again just as the start/end points)

Mt. Kenya

Strava Team , please implement this . this is a huge problem in term of privacy. also regarding coworker or others person it's creating some problems. ex. you go for a run or event with coworkers,clients,boss... you don't necessarily want them to know when you run. 

Mt. Kenya

Please add this feature for privacy

Mt. Kenya

Please implement this feature! It's an absolute must.

Mt. Kenya

Why can we hide literally every single individual point of data but not the start time??

And it’s obviously not a technical issue because it’s like that for non-followers. 

I have flexible work arrangements so I’m able to run during the day and even though it’s fine with my employer I feel a little judged by my mates who might not have the same luxury.

if we just hide the time for all they know I did it at 5am or 5pm and there’s no issue. Such a simple change…


I noticed that you can no longer view the start time of someone’s latest activity from their profile page. Previously, if you used to app to view someone’s profile (that you didn’t follow), the “Activities” section would show eg. “5 hours ago.” A few weeks ago that was changed to only say “Today.” This applies even to people you do follow, although in that case, start times are still visible under each activity. But at least Strava is making (very slow) progress.