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Status: Gathering Kudos

Right now there are a number of Cycle Sports, including “Ride,” “Mountain Bike Ride,” “Gravel Ride,” “E Bike ride,” “E-Mountain Bike Ride,” even “Velomobile ride!” But no Winter Fat Tire Bike ride. 

This is a problem because winter fat tire riding on single track trails is **much** slower than on a Mountain Bike in the summer.  

This feature request is to add “Winter Fat Tire Ride” so people in cold weather climates can effectively track winter rides. 

Without this feature, the app is far less useful for outdoor riding in the winter—we can’t track our progress, see PRs, see how we are doing on leaderboards etc. 


Mt. Kenya

This is a great idea!

Mt. Kenya

Love it!!  
great idea!

Mt. Kenya

Being from Minnesota i approve of this idea!

Mt. Kenya

Great idea!

Mt. Kenya

Great idea, it's a no-brainer if road biking, gravel, and MTB all already have their own ride types. Especially since fat biking and mountain biking mostly share the same trails the different ride type would let users keep there KOMs separated. 

Mt. Kenya

Yes please’

Mt. Kenya

Great idea! 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Moderator Moderator

Hello @Solonamtb 

​​Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Also - you might want to check out this related suggestion and add your comments and kudos.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


@mikaelmore - I think you are mixing up two different things.  I believe this suggestion is just to have a different ride type, the same as gravel biking and mountain biking, not a whole new activity type.  The various different ride types all still fall under the same overall activity type (ride) an all share the same leaderboards.  To split one like fat biking out to create a new leaderboard would require it to be a whole new activity type.  Personally at least, I totally disagree with that idea.  I believe it is best to keep all human powered riding (e-bikes are obviously different due to the motor) together under the same leaderboard.  Part of racing for segments times is coming up with what is the best choice of equipment and time (season, time of day, etc...) for a given segment.  Some segments are better in the summer on a mtn, others are better in the winter on a fat bike.  Trying to separate them would just create a bunch of problems with bad data on the leaderboards.  Up to this point, people have not had the option of selecting a fat bike, so all historical rides would have been listed under a regular bike or, more recently, maybe a mtb.  Those historical activities would all still stay under those ride types and not be carried over to a new fatbike activity.  There are other issues as well, but that would be big enough on its own to convince me that it would not be a good idea.


For anyone who might be wondering why winter fat biking is slower— and I used to live in the Bay Area myself — it’s because we’re riding in the ❄️ in the northern half of the country 

Mt. Kenya

100% agree!  Thanks for submitting this!

Mt. Kenya

This is a great idea, one I've been hoping to see for years. 

Mt. Kenya

Love it!!!

Mt. Kenya

Wouldn't this just help select the default bike? I don't think mountain biking compared to road biking is a different leader board 

Not opposed to the idea of another category though 

Mt. Kenya

Please please please; this is NOT a major upgrade IMHO (being an IT project manager...) and would be of absolute total use...please please pretty please!!! 😉