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Status: Gathering Kudos

With the new feature of Apple's IOS 16.1 "Live Activities" it is now also possible for third-party apps to display information on the lock screen. I train partly with my Iphone and it would be great to see the real time data like pace not by unlocking the Iphone and opening the Strava app but directly on the lock screen.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Hey, we have reviewed and approved this opportune feature suggestion regarding displaying more real-time information on the lock screen for the new iOS. It is now open to voting. Thanks for your contribution!

Mt. Kenya

just do it :)) right now 

Mt. Kenya

Would be useful to see the heart rate and time/distance without unlocking phone in the form of the iOS Home Screen widgets. Simple


Should be implemented in conjunction with iOS Live Activities.

Mt. Kenya

C’mon this is a no-brainer

Mt. Kenya

would really like to see this feature coming to life! 

Mt. Kenya

I would like to have this as well!

Mt. Kenya

As many others have stated, this is a "no brainer", not sure why the delay. I have tested my latest iOS update and it is not providing the feature.

Very very frustrating on a run when I have to hold my phone unlocked so I can see the upcoming turns on a loaded route, instead of getting audible cues, or visual cues in the Lock Screen.

Time to turn up the development team timeline on this.

Mt. Kenya

It’s been a year - we need this now!

Mt. Kenya

Having a Lock Screen widget allows you to open an app without even unlocking the phone first.  A Lock Screen Strava widget would allow the user to launch the app and potentially go straight to the Record screen so that starting a new activity is much faster.


Pico de Orizaba

Not to mention also safer because riders wouldnt have to unlock the screen, then open the app and then do what it is they need to do all while risking falling off the bike, they could easily do it fast with one press of the button (i know using the phone while riding is not safe)

Mt. Kenya

it should be a mini heads up display of the same details/stats shown on the normal record screen. How has this not been implemented yet? 

Mt. Kenya

1 year and still no new live activities feature, I play water sport so don't want to touch screen to unlock to see info anymore, hic 😎

Former Member
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I can’t think of a more obvious addition to a mobile running app. Please implement this.


AllTrails quietly implemented Live Activities back in November. Your turn, Strava!

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 18.32.56.png