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Not sure if at all possible, but often I wonder what songs, podcast etc people are listening to whilst completing their activity.

Would be great to be able to share your Apple Music / Spotify / podcast track that you listened to during your run / ride etc.  I think that'd be interesting...

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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Yes! As an expansion on this idea I would really like to see what I was listening to tracked against my run, and then be able to see which songs make me run faster, with a better cadence etc. 

Mt. Kenya

Yes! I would love to be able to see a list of the songs I was listening to during my activity & it would also be awesome to see them against activity segments on the map.


Hey @qabb !

You're in luck because we've recently built this integration. We're calling it Spava and it does exactly what you're describing.

You can check out an activity on Spava here!

Two things we're missing for you at the moment are:

  • Podcasts: Spotify's API does not provide which podcasts were playing - only music. I am a fan of podcasts while running on occasion so this is disappointing 😞
  • Apple music: Unfortunately, Apple does not provide the time at which music was played via their API so it's hard for us to know what was playing during your activity time. We may have a workaround soon but it won't be as nice as the Spotify one.

@kevinterrobang: Songs against splits/laps/segments is coming soon!

@charlo: Which tracks your ran fastest to, playlists generated for your cadence/bpm are also coming soon!


Would love you all to test out Spava and provide any feedback here or via the messenger on the site!






Mt. Kenya

It would be really cool to be able to add a song to a Strava activity as a soundtrack/theme for the workout.

This feature could be a great way to engage people a little more with each other's workouts and add another layer of value to scrolling through your feed in Strava. Share new music with each other and to share what song may have got you through a tough activity. 

I'm imagining this as a little preview of the song on the activity screen. Auto play could be a setting or require the user to hit play. 

Mt. Kenya

I endorse DonKerrigan’s idea. Keeping it simple with a single title soundtrack is what I want, much like how Instagram stories function. There is no need to go so granular with a list of tracks played and where on the route, just simply choose one track that best represents the workout. 


I recently saw that strava has the ability to connect to Spotify while you work out directly from the app. That got me thinking. It would be awesome if you could pair a song to your workout similarly to how you can pair music to Instagram stories and posts. 

Mt. Kenya

Would be cool to be able to directly tag a playlist / podcast on Spotify / Apple Music within an Activity. If i listen to a podcast during a run, I will usually add it in the description but if would be cool to be able to directly link to the playlist/podcast directly. 

Mt. Kenya

would be great feature and addition to adding a foto or video. When I ride I always have a song or two coming up in my mind. would love to share and see what others "sing" during their rides!