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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

As a user of Stava Premium who is on a PC and mobile, I would like the ability to automatically generate routes as you can on mobile; so that I do not need to switch from one device to another to plan what route I want to find.

The Mobile UI for segments and routes, isn't bad but mobile has limitations with interactivity, which is resolved by viewing routes on a desktop, e.g., screen size is a limitation on mobile which is not an issue on PC. This results in: 

  1. generating routes on mobile
  2. picking one that looks okay
  3. saving the route
  4. moving onto the pc
  5. adjusting the route manually

It would be much nicer flow if you could just generate routes on webpage rather than it be an inapp exclusive feature

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Wednesday (Sept 21, 2022)

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Pico de Orizaba

To clarify, this request is for this feature: Strava Where you do not need to know your destination to find new routes. Strava on web does support route building, but only if you know where you are going.

Mt. Kenya

mobile route builder is great. would be great to have a web version of the route builder options for mileage, elevation, road type, etc that spits out a couple suggestions with the ability to refresh for different suggestions. 


Mt. Kenya

desktop version would be great 


Agreed! That would be sick!

Noah L.

Mt. Kenya

I would also love to see a desktop version of the route builder. It's quite inconvenient having to switch between phone and PC when trying to plan a route. 

Mt. Kenya

We can access and save local popular routes on Strava mobile app, but not on desktop app.

It could be useful so that we can view and edit upon needs directly, without going through the app first. It will smooth the workflow. (mobile screen is to small to properly see a route).

Is there a plan to make this available?


Mt. Kenya

I use the mobile route creation a lot, and it would be great to have that available in the desktop version, because I use both a lot. Here's my official upvote for that feature!

Mt. Kenya

I use this feature on the app regularly and spent sometime recently on my laptop trying to find the same feature, please add this!!

Mt. Kenya

Pleas add this feature. Cant take that much of an effort if it already exists on mobile?


I'm all about route planning, especially if you are leading a group or riding/running at a new location.

I would love to have the ability to search for other Strava Members ridden routes using the map as mean to "look around" or based on predetermined parameters (i.e.: distance, elevation/road surface sliders).

As an example:

  1. Open Route builder.
  2. Click somewhere on the map (where you want to plan your ride/run)
  3. Adjust ride parameters via sliders (distance, gain, road surface)
  4. Strava generates a routes (A.I.) based on what other users in the area of the map you are currently viewing (similar to what Strava Mobile offers)


  5. Strava let you view what other users have rode in the searched area.

I believe that Strava has enough rider data to make this happen and make it magical 🪄 !

If you are looking for a concrete example of this request, look at what other mapping software are offering in terms of route search ability from their community - ahem RWGPS



I love the route-suggestion-feature on mobile. However, since I prepare my day trips a lot of times on desktop / web app in advance, I'd like to also use this functionality in browser (i.e. give me a route of 30km from location xyz, where I will be next week). This would help me to not have to go to Komoot :-)| 

Mt. Kenya

Adding the ability to see the suggested routes on desktop would be hugely helpful! Does anyone from Strava read these comments? Or is it just a place for users to wish for the same features online that they have on mobile?

Another large discrepancy between the mobile and online is that when you are using route builder on mobile you can see all of your personal heat maps, but online it only shows the heat from publicly available activities. I find this especially odd since there are personal heatmaps available here: 

Mt. Kenya

Please implement this feature - its crazy to not have access to suggested routes on desktop

Mt. Kenya

+1 on brazoo's post: would be really helpful to find other user's routes when I look for a place on the map.

Ideally this should not be limited to the saved routes, but also use actual rides, since not everyone will be saving the routes in.

Use-case: traveling somewhere new and trying to find suitable/safe routes. By being able to see the ride where the suggestion originated, the user can get a better feel for what type of ride/rider it was. This is more useful than the AI generated routes based on frequently ridden segments because it takes a whole route into account.